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RELATED: How $300,000 Cost the Houston Astros a Chance at Derek Jeter Derek Jeter was drafted in the first round (sixth overall) of the 1992 MLB draft by the New York Yankees. The Houston Astros as the top pick and Astros scout Hal Newhouser, a Hall-of Fame pitcher, heavily scouted Jeter. Newhouser highly recommended the Astros select Jeter with the top pick, but Houston elected to draft Phil ... Derek Jeter was born into a multiracial and multicultural family with his father, Sanderson Charles Jeter, being an African-American and his mother, Dorothy, being of European origin. Derek Jeter’s father, who later became a successful businessman, was also a baseball player at the University level. Derek Jeter, in full Derek Sanderson Jeter, (born June 26, 1974, Pequannock, New Jersey, U.S.), American professional baseball player who, as a shortstop for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB), was selected to multiple American League (AL) All-Star teams and was one of the most popular players of his time. Derek Jeter is Chief Executive Officer at Miami Marlins. See Derek Jeter's compensation, career history, education, & memberships. Derek Jeter is a 46 year old American Baseballer. Born Derek Sanderson Jeter on 26th June, 1974 in Pequannock, New Jersey, he is famous for New York Yankees shortstop. His zodiac sign is Cancer. Derek Jeter is a member of the following lists: 1974 births, American businesspeople and People from New York City. Contribute Miami Marlins’ partner and CEO Derek Jeter and his wife Hannah Jeter have listed their estate in Tampa for $29 million. ... The Jeter family bought a total of 1.25 acres between 2005 and 2006 ...

Jesuit trained Malcolm Wilson was Nelson Rockefeller's political Kingmaker

2019.04.21 12:41 Ainsoph777 Jesuit trained Malcolm Wilson was Nelson Rockefeller's political Kingmaker

" Proud of his Fordham ties and degrees, Mr. Wilson has served the University as one of the first 15-non-Jesuits to be elected to the Board of Trustees in 1969 as well as supporting alumni fund efforts for the school. At Fordham Prep, he is known as the man who took on the chairmanship of the school's building fund campaign that enabled them to move from a century-old building to a modern complex on the Bronx campus. "

Here is quick write up done by New York Magazine ,18 Oct 1971 on Jesuit trained Malcolm Wilson accessed via the snipping tool :

here are over 20 pages of catholic news archives on the lay Jesuit Malcolm Wilson! :

To quote from wiki : " Charles Malcolm Wilson (February 26, 1914 – March 13, 2000) was the 50th Governor of New Yorkfrom December 18, 1973, to December 31, 1974. He was a member of the New York State Assembly from 1939 to 1958. He also served in the Navy during World War II. In 1958, he was elected Lieutenant Governor of New York on the gubernatorial ticket with Nelson Rockefeller, and when they won he served as lieutenant governor until succeeding to the governorship after Rockefeller resigned. Wilson lost the 1974 gubernatorial election to Hugh Carey. In 1994, the Tappan Zee Bridge) was renamed in Wilson's honor.[3]#cite_note-3) There is also a park in Yonkers, New York named for him....
Wilson was born in New York City into a Roman Catholic family of Irish and Scottish extraction. He had three siblings. His father, Charles H. Wilson, was a patent attorney who unsuccessfully ran for a seat in the State Assembly in 1912. His mother, Agnes, was a Republican activist and local party leader. The family moved to Yonkers, New York, when Wilson was eight, and Wilson continued to reside there after he began his career.[4]#citenote-4)[[5]]([[6]](

Education and professional career

After graduating from Fordham Preparatory School (Jesuit) in 1929 at only 15 years of age, Wilson earned a bachelor's degree from Fordham University (Jesuit) in 1933 at age 19 and a law degree from Fordham University School of Law(Jesuit) in 1936 at age 22. Wilson was admitted to the bar and joined the White Plains, New York firm that would eventually become known as Kent, Hazzard, Jaeger, Greer, Wilson, and Fay. Wilson practiced law at this firm for his entire career, and was made a partner in 1946.

Political career

At age 24, just two years after graduating from Fordham Law (Jesuit), Wilson was elected to the New York State Assembly where he represented the 5th district of Westchester County from 1939 to 1945, and after re-districting the 1st district from 1945 to 1959. He sat in the 162nd, 163rd, 164th, 165th, 166th, 167th, 168th, 169th, 170th and 171st New York State Legislatures. "

Now quoting from Malcom Wilson's obituary in the New York Times--we see that he coached Nelson Rockefeller into politics. "In 1958, he threw in his lot with Rockefeller, scion of the nations wealthiest family, who had never run for office. Mr. Wilson became a political tour guide of sorts , driving Mr. Rockefeller about the state to introduce him to local chieftains eager for a fresh candidate. Quietly and just the two of them, they made the rounds in Mr. Wilson's own car in order not to flaunt the novice's immense wealth. Mr. Wilson sold his man, who then insisted that Mr. Wilson be chosen as his running mate.... Aside from his mastery of the state budget, Mr. Wilson had a hand in shaping the Governor's priorities. It was he who persuaded Mr. Rockefeller to press for federal revenue sharing to help states that were in financial straits, an idea Mr. Rockefeller successfully pushed after Mr. Nixon won the White House in 1968. "
Malcolm Wilson also while attending Jesuit Fordham, was a member of the debating team.
Jesuit trained Governor Malcolm Wilson was a regular attendee at the Manresa Jesuit retreat house.
" For more than a century, rich and poor Catholics alike came to Mount Manresa, a Jesuit retreat center on Staten Island a mile from the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. From bricklayers to lawyers, from the poet Joyce Kilmer to Malcolm Wilson, the former New York governor, they stepped out of the workaday world and entered a silent space of prayer and meditation."
Malcolm Wilson was aswell a member of the board of directors at the Catholic intelligence agency Pro Deo subsidiary The American Council for the International Promotion of Democracy Under God . This is seen in a batch of declassified documents I have found on Pro Deo :

" Lieut. Gov. Malcolm Wilson and United States District Court Judge Irving Kaufman will be honored by the Fordham College Alumni Association at its 105th annual dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel Jan. 27."

Wilson spoke at the 1974 Commencement ceremony at Jesuit Fordham :

Here is a photo of Jesuit trained at Georgetown Galo Plaza, President Of Ecuador(1948-1952) , Secretary General of the OAS (1968-1975) with Nelson Rockefeller : " Pan American Society dinner at the Waldorf Astoria, New York City. President Galo Plaza (right) warmly greets Nelson Rockefeller (left). From the Department of State Album: "Visit of His Excellency, Galo Plaza, President of Ecuador to the United States of America, June 20 to 29, 1951"
Here is a quick background on Galo Plaza : " Galo Plaza seemed perfect for restoring the OAS’s internal stability and improving the organization’s image. Rockefeller circles likened him to an “international troubleshooter.” Loyal to his roots as a major Ecuadorian landowner, lawyer for the United Fruit Company, and former student at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (Jesuit), Galo Plaza could be counted on to maintain order within the organization while ensuring OAS support for CIA subversion of leftist-minded governments, not only in Ecuador (where the Velasco and Arosemena governments had both fallen to CIA-backed coups), but throughout Latin America. He had also endorsed the efforts of Nelson’s brother, John 3rd, to introduce birth control among Ecuador’s Indians through the Agency for International Development, a major new policy initiative. In addition, Galo Plaza could ensure the hemisphere wide transfer of rural development programs from Rockefeller's American International Association for Economic and Social Development (AIA) to the OAS. Most important, all this would give Rockefeller, through his influence on Galo Plaza, added weight not only in the OAS, but also in any White House deliberation over using the OAS "- Thy Will Be Done : The Conquest Of The Amazon, Nelson Rockefeller And Evangelism In The Age Of Oil ,Gerard Colby, Charlotte Dennett, pg 602

A Papist (Malcolm Wilson)bringing Nelson Rockefeller into the political world shouldn't be too surprising.... : "As a member of the board of directors of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad, William Rockefeller had long ago struck up a warm friendship with James Stillman, the president of the National City Bank. The latter, stirred at all he learned of the efficiency of the Standard Oil management, and of its hierarchic and centralized government, so much like that of the Roman Catholic Church, modeled his own bank after it. " Matthew Josephson, The Robber Barons : The Great American Capitalists, pg 286 :

here is a paper Malcom Wilson wrote in the Fordham Law Review titled Law School at Rose Hill :

No wonder then a that a Catholic preist Theodore Hesburgh was made the chairman of the Rockefeller foundation! :

" The Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, president of the University of Notre Dame, was elected chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation yesterday. He replaces Cyrus R. Vance, who resigned from the foundation board when he was named Secretary of State.At a meeting of the foundation's trustees in New York City yesterday, a replacement was also chosen for another who is to be a member of the Carter Cabinet—W. Michael Blumenthal, who was named Secretary of the Treasury. That choice by the foundation is to be announced later. Father Hesburgh is a member of the Congregation of the Holy Cross. In his 59 years he has held so many offices that he has trouble recalling them. One of the most notable was his service from 1969 to 1972 as chairman of the United States Commission on Civil Rights. He has turned down an invitation to join the Carter administration, and he would not indicate the position involved. “God only knows,” Father Hesburgh said, when asked why he had been chosen to head the board—whose senior member he is , having joined in 1961. “It was a completely spontaneous thing—I didn't do anything to promote it.” He is an enthusiastic supporter of current board policy and indicated no desire for change. The chairman works part time and is not paid. The job of running the foundation, with its $840 million in assets, belongs to its president, Dr. John H. Knowles. It is plain enough at the Rockefeller Foundation that there is keen interest, not to say amusement, over the predicament of the Ford Foundation, from which Henry Ford 2nd resigned as a trustee this week. One of his complaints was that it was cultivating a “fortress mentality.” To make sure that the Rockefeller Foundation would never be a fortress, Dr. Knowles long ago gave orders—which he alluded to yesterday—to be open to the public, to encourage wide dissemination of information about the foundation's activities, He even solicited review of his foundation's work by 10 other large foundations. “There is a danger of looking inward and getting precious,” he said. “I firmly believe one page of experience is worth a volume of logic.” He believes in private enterprise no less than in public, and his foundation is attacked for dealing with both. “I can hardly use the word ‘capitalism’ without being accused of being arrogant, corrupt, bestial with respect to human suffering,” Dr. Knowles said. Mr. Ford, upset because he thought the Ford Foundation seemed lukewarm on capitalism, also charged it with turning its Office of the Arts into a financing agency instead of backing Innovation to solve “human problems.” When Dr. Knowles spoke yesterday of the $3 million a year that the Rockefeller Foundation spent on the arts, he jokingly called it “the Henry Ford branch.” "

Father "Teddy" Hesburgh also joined the board at the Rockefeller Chase Manhattan Bank! :
" The Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, president of the University of Notre Dame and one of the most influential clergymen in the nation, has been elected a director of the Chase Manhattan Bank. Father Hesburgh, a 54‐year‐old educator and chairman of the United States Civil Rights Commission, was elected to the bank's board last Wednesday, but the action was not announced until yesterday. A spokesman for Chase said that Father Hesburgh would also be named to the board of the bank's parent company, the Chase Manhattan Corporation. Frederick R. Kappel the former chairman of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, retired from the boards of the bank and its parent company early this month on reaching.the mandatory age. of 70. But, according to Chase ‘officials, Father Hesburgh could not be considered a “replacement” for Mr. Kappel because there were already three vacancies on the board. The appointment of the Roman Catholic priest to the bank's board makes him one of the relatively few clerics serving as directors of major corporations. The Rev. Dr. Leon H. Sullivan, a Philadelphia black minister and civil rights leader, has been a director of the General Motors Corporation since January, 1971, Father Hesburgh, who is widely known as Father Ted, will receive the regular $5,000 a‐year fee that the’ Chase bank pays to its outside, nonmanagement directors. In addition, he will receive $400 for each monthly meeting he attends. After teaching theology since 1945 at Notre Dame, where he was educated, Father Hesburgh was named executive vice president of the university in 1949 and president three years later."

Theodore Hesburgh was also a director at the Council of Foreign Relations! (1976–85) and a lifetime member

in 1968, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund gave $75,000 to the Catholic Church, quoting the annual report : "United States Conference for the World Council of Churches — $75,000 for the Council's expenses in undertaking a series of joint activities with officials of the Roman Catholic Church, which are designed to define and mediate the religious concepts and organizational practices separating these two church bodies. "

current 5th generation generation Rockefeller, Steven Rockefeller Jr. is " the chairman and CEO of the Rose Rock Group, a global investment management firm established by members of the Rockefeller family.[1] Rockefeller is the son of Steven Clark Rockefeller and the grandson of former U.S. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller. " Steven was educated by Jesuits at Fairfield Univeristy! " Rockefeller received a bachelor's degree from Fairfield University (Jesuit) in 1985 and his master's degree in public and private management from the Yale School of Management in 1990.[1] "

Rose Rock Group has recently invested into China... : "(Reuters) – Rose Rock Capital Limited, wholly owned by the Rockefeller family, plans to raise $2 billion in both yuan and U.S. dollar funds to invest in commercial properties in China’s northern city of Tianjin, the official China Securities Journal reported on Wednesday.Rose Rock has set up a venture with Tianjin Finance Investment Co to launch the funds, which aim to raise 5 billion yuan initially, including 2 billion yuan by the end of this year, the newspaper said. Rose Rock, which controls 90 percent of the fund management venture, will be responsible for daily management and operation of the funds, while its Chinese partner will focus on government relationships, the article said. Money raised will be used to build a landmark commercial property project in Tianjin’s financial district, while future investment will expand into other areas including infrastructure, culture and education, the newspaper said. (Reporting by Samuel Shen and Carrie Ho; Editing by Ken Wills)"

Jesuit trained Steven Rockefeller Jr. is Co-Chairman of Chinese Culture & Art International :

Rose Rock Group has also recently invested $ 2.5 billion into Vietnam. : "An investment vehicle backed by the multi-billionaire Rockefeller family has reached a $2.5 billion ($1.8 billion) agreement to construct a residential and holiday resort in Vietnam. Rose Rock Group will partner with fuel company Vung Ro Petroleum to build the project in Vung Ro Bay, in Phu Yen province on the south-central coast of Vietnam. The development will feature more than 760 rooms, 4,300 residential apartments, 100 townhouses and 350 marina berths, as well as shops and restaurants. Rose Rock, wholly owned by the New York-based Rockefeller Financial Group, has previously focused its investments in China but is now seeking opportunities elsewhere."

I have found many Catholic connections to Rockefeller Capital Management aswell. " Rockefeller Capital Management is a leading independent, privately-owned financial services firm offering global family office, asset management and strategic advisory services to ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families, institutions and corporations. The Firm has offices in New York, Atlanta, Boston, Salt Lake City, Saratoga Springs, Washington, DC, and Wilmington, Delaware. "

For instance John J Brennan, a board member at Rockefeller Capital Management :

"John J. Brennan is chairman emeritus and senior advisor of Vanguard. Mr. Brennan joined Vanguard in July 1982. He was elected president in 1989, served as chief executive officer from 1996 to 2008, and served as chairman of the board from 1998 to 2009.
He is a director of General Electric Company, Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, and American Express Company; chairman of the board of trustees of the University of Notre Dame; a founding trustee of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST); chairman of Vanguard Charitable; and a member of the Pennsylvania Early Learning Investment Commission. He is past chairman of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the Financial Accounting Foundation, and the Investment Company Institute.
Mr. Brennan graduated from Dartmouth College and earned a master’s degree in business administration from the Harvard Business School. He has received honorary degrees from Mount Aloysius College, Curry College, and Drexel University."

" John J. Brennan, chairman emeritus and former chief executive officer of the Vanguard Group, was elected Friday (Oct. 16) chairman of the University of Notre Dame’s Board of Trustees, effective July 1. "

There is also Mac Broderick, Next Gen Advisory Council at Rockefeller Capital Management :
" Mac Broderick is VP of Midstream Commercial Development, at Tellurian Inc. (NASDAQ: TELL), a Houston-based energy company. He has worked at Tellurian since its founding, focusing on strategy and business development. Prior to his role at Tellurian, he worked in investment management in Russia and Ukraine. He is a passionate advocate for all-of-the-above energy solutions to climate change.
Mac is a director of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, a non-profit focused on fostering thoughtful, effective philanthropy. He is also a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations and member of the Atlantik-Brücke.
He received his undergraduate degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service(Jesuit), where he was the Editor-in-Chief of the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs (Jesuit), the school’s flagship publication. He holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in global investment management, and an M.A. in energy economics and international relations from the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University. A sixth-generation member of the Rockefeller family, Mac is a graduate of Groton School and a native Detroiter."

Then there is Brian C. Mck. Henderson, a senior adviser at Rockefeller Capital Management--trained at Jesuit Georgetown University.

"Brian C. McK. Henderson is a Senior Adviser for Rockefeller Capital Management. In addition to his new role as a Senior Advisor to Rockefeller, Mr. Henderson is the founding partner of Henderson International Advisors, LLC, which he started in April 2014. Mr. Henderson spent most of his career with Merrill Lynch, where he held a variety of senior roles over 23 years, including as Director of Communications, Merrill Lynch Capital Markets; Senior Vice President, Merrill Lynch International; and Executive Assistant to the Chairman and President. He was also on the boards of Prime Merrill SpA (Italy) and Merrill Lynch South Africa. Before joining Merrill, Mr. Henderson spent 14 years with Chase Manhattan Bank, with responsibilities that covered multiple divisions and continents. Mr. Henderson is the non-executive Chairman of Augustea Bunge Maritime Ltd., and an independent director for BMCE Bank of Africa. He is on the advisory board of the Spanish law firm Cremades & Calvo Sotelo. Mr. Henderson also serves on many not-for-profit boards, and was previously on the Ethics and Policy Committee of the DDC for the First Judicial Department, Supreme Court Appellate Division, State of New York. He is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. (Jesuit) "

Even the Catholic former baseball allstar Derek Jeter has joined in on making millions via tax exempt investments over at Rockfellor Capital Management as a senior advisor!

" Off the field, Jeter has not led an uneventful life—as the celebrity columnists are quick to remind us. But in an age of social media, Jeter has managed to keep his personal life largely private. More important, he told the New York Times that he is Catholic, recently revealed he always prays, and now talks about marrying and starting a family. In retirement, the process of maturity continues. "

Here is some more Rockefeller Jesuit intrigue : " Lane Kirkland, the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (Jesuit) graduate who became AFL-CIO's top researcher and executive assistant to its president, George Meany, during the Kennedy-Johnson years. At that time, he was a director and strong supporter of the ClA-funded American Institute for Free Labor Development, which operated mostly in Latin America in cooperation with corporate leaders. When the CIA was exposed using labor and student unions and private foundations, Kirkland served on Johnson's commission to find some means of continuing the CIA's pet projects without their having to bear the CIA stigma. The commission simply recommended substituting overt government and private funding of the same projects that the CIA covertly had backed AFL-CIO's secretary-treasurer at the time of the Rockefeller Commission on CIA Abuses. Kirkland was also a member of Nelson Rockefeller's Commission on Critical Choices " Thy Will Be Done : The Conquest Of The Amazon, Nelson Rockefeller And Evangelism In The Age Of Oil ,Gerard Colby, Charlotte Dennett, pg 833

Malcolm Wilson naturally as a good catholic was an advocate of a police state and frowned upon the state of New York revoking the death penalty.

" New York (RNS) Gov. Malcolm Wilson of New York told New York City policemen at their annual meeting in Tannersville, NY that abolition of the death penalty was an error. "I feel that the total repeal of the death penalty was a mistake, and that the people are coming around to that decision,” Governor Wilson told the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association. He told the policemen, “you are all that stands between civilization and chaos in the City of New York.” New York state's death penalty law was ruled unconstitutional by the State Court of Appeals last year. Earlier this year the legislature passed, and Governor Wilson signed into law a measure providing the death sentence for the murder of policemen. "
Wilson and Nelson Rockefeller were also lauded by Cardinal Francis Spellman! "Francis Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop of New York, has hailed Gov. Nelson Rockefeller's proposal to the state legislature to provide aid to all students attending church-related and other private colleges and universities in the state. The cardinal lauded the controversial plan before 1,100 persons gathered here for an alumni dinner marking the golden anniversary of his graduation from Fordham University(Jesuit) . Introduced to the group by New York Lieutenant Gov. Malcolm Wilson, also a Fordham alumnus, he prefaced his prepared speech by saying, " I also thank Lieutenant Governor Wilson for siding with Governor Rockefeller to have justice for every college in the State of New York."

" Nearly 2,000 students from two Catholic high schools in Brooklyn staged an orderly but noisy two-hour demonstration in front of Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller’s Manhattan office here. Chanting “State Aid Now,” .... As the students, accompanied by faculty members from the schools, marched and chanted, they distributed a copy of an advertisement which appeared Oct. 22, 1970, in The Tablet, Brooklyn diocesan newspaper. The ad, which carried pictures of Rockefeller and Lt. Gov. Malcolm Wilson,praised the contributions of parochial schools, cited state aid extended to nonpublic schools under the Rockefeller Administration and said: “We pledge our continuing efforts to give financial assistance to meet the costs of parochial school education. This is our record. You can trust us in this matter. Now we need your support on Nov. 3.” Rockefeller announced at a recent news conference in Albany, the state capital, that he favored more state financial aid to nonpublic schools."
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