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Did I end things too soon? (RE: myself and a man who are both in our mid-upper 30's)

2020.10.26 18:18 REL84 Did I end things too soon? (RE: myself and a man who are both in our mid-upper 30's)

This is so incredibly long and I realize will likely deter most people from reading it. But if there's anyone out there who's willing to hear my story and its details, I would really appreciate some feedback. Bc there were so many odd subtleties in my predicament, I felt many of these annoying details were important. So here goes - I dated a man who lived an hour away in a different city and state for about 5-6 weeks recently. We met on an online dating app. He was never a big texter, which I appreciated at first, bc I don't like when men smother me with texts early on. He has a very busy and pretty prestigious career in the healthcare field. I am also in the healthcare field so I know how busy one can be. While I don't like too much texting, I did find his texting a little too infrequent for my taste, esp since we live an hour away from each other, and I was worried about momentum. He always made the reservations, made sure to know if I wanted to sit outside or not (bc it's getting cold yet we were trying to be careful bc of COVID), always ordered whatever I wanted if we shared, offered me the best or first of anything over himself, etc. All his behaviors seemed to be that of a mature considerate man. We had a fantastic first date and he texted me the next day to pay me back for the uber we shared (we went to separate locations). He then was quiet for 3 days and asked me out on Wednesday for the following Saturday. This pattern continued for a few weeks. We would see each other on Saturdays and then he would reach out again on Wednesday to plan the next Saturday. The first date was 6 hours long, the second date was about 4-5 hours, and the third date was 12 hours. We met in the afternoon and continued through the rest of the day and he invited me to meet up with some of his friends that evening and had a wonderful time. His friends seemed very enthusiastic and actually asked me "so do you usually have 12 hours dates?" in a warm humored way, as if to say "wow, you guys really hit it off". I caught one of them taking a picture of us sitting together and he texted it to my date. I wasn't sure if this was something cute bc he was excited for my date or if it was something else - like did he send it to all their buddies on their group text as some sort of a "hey guys, look at this hot chick our buddy bagged". These guys are quite active on their "bro chain" as they call it. I only say this, not bc I'm conceited, but bc he made it pretty clear he wasn't used to dating someone who "looked like me".
He seemed shy and very sweet, and down to earth but on our third date we ended up having to crash at his friend's place bc we couldn't get an uber. We stayed on his friends futon and the moment his friend went to bed, the man I was dating jumped on me. We had a heavy making out on and off for a few hours. Now, so much of it was super hot and I was really feeling it. But he was incredibly aggressive, so much so that he actually hurt me a few times - bit me too hard, sucked on my tongue so hard it hurt and actually made a popping sound lol, "nibbled" my ear so hard my ear piercings hurt for days. He went for my pants and I told him, gently, to stop. It was only the third date and there was no way, at our ages (in our mid-upper 30's) that I was going to have sex with him on his friend's futon 10 feet away from where his friend was sleeping. It just felt icky and sort of immature. When I told him no he said "I'm just having some fun" (he had had quite a bit to drink that night). Another thing that struck me was that I was fading at one point and I think I fell asleep bc all of a sudden I was aware again and he was touching me and making out with me. I think he may have been doing this while I was asleep??? But it was hard to say bc I was in a fog. He kept saying over and over "omg you are so hot. You are so hot". I noticed that when he touched me over my pants he was very rough - rapid hard rubbing back and forth and it almost hurt. It brought me back to make out sessions with inexperienced guys in high school or college. Regardless, I found most of it really really hot and i was even more attracted to him.
So the next AM I left his friend's place by an uber that my guy called for me. I texted him to let him know I got home ok and didn't hear back for a few hours. I think he had gone back to sleep. He wrote me back something brief but nothing about the previous night. I got the feeling he may not have so much experience and can be shy and was worried he felt rejected and I also needed to make sure we were on the same page bc, again, it felt a little tacky to try to have sex with me in his friend's living room in a very small apartment on the third date and it just didn't seem to align with the impression he gives off. At this point, I was very unsure of whether he really liked me and was a shy guy or if he really was just looking for fun. I had a hard time getting a read on this guy bc of his shyness and the fact that we had a great time and convo on our dates, shared the same values about religion, politics, practicing medicine, and he had very deep ideas about these topics etc. But there was very little communication between dates and the communication we did have felt unenthusiastic on his end. Anyway, I wrote him a couple days later and said I had a great time the previous weekend and that I wanted to make sure he didn't feel rejected sexually. I said it was very hot (which it was, despite the roughness), and I said I actually liked him as a person and didn't want to just jump into sex with him (bc I *did* want to have sex that night) before establishing what we are both looking for. I said I wasn't just looking for fun but am looking for something real. I said if he was just looking for fun, I wouldn't be offended in the least but that I'm in a different place. He never writes during the day bc of his job (something I really respect - he's very focused) but this time he wrote me back midday within an hour or so of my text and he said we are on the same page, that he's not looking for just fun either, and that he likes me too. After that, he texted me nearly every day that week and then asked me out for the following Saturday. I had been waiting to see if my text was going to scare him off but it didn't and it actually made him even more communicative so I saw that as a very reassuring sign.
The following Saturday we had another great long date and I let him come back to my apartment. We ended up sleeping together. He had a slightly gentler touch this time but still very rough rubbing and didn't seem to know how to touch a woman down there. I told him to be gentler (in a very nice way) and he said "I AM being gentle". I thought he sounded a little frustrated but wasn't sure. Then after just a few minutes he said "are you going to cum?" and again, I thought it sounded a bit annoyed. I actually did end up having a small orgasm. I got the sense he didn't believe me or was underwhelmed that I wasn't screaming at the top of my lungs or something. He never asked me what I liked or what got me off and I found that a little strange. Like, if he was so concerned about getting me off, then why wouldn't he ask what worked for me? It felt a little like it wasn't about my pleasure but more about his ego but, again, wasn't sure. I went down on him (something I am good at) and he was incredibly into it, almost even more-so than other guys I've been with and they loved how I did it. He didn't reciprocate, which was ok with me bc I know some people aren't as comfortable doing that to someone at first. The sex was hot but also a bit like a younger inexperienced guy with a lot of "ramming". I am pretty patient the first few times I have sex with someone b/c the first time is always a little nerve-wracking for both parties and you're just starting to figure out each other's bodies/likes/etc. Something that really struck me was that he was ready to have sex with no protection. I stopped him and asked about STI testing and told him the last time I was tested. He seemed slightly impatient when I brought these things up. It was extra surprising bc he is a doctor. And then he asked me *after* the fact whether I was on birth control, which I was. He spooned me and cuddled me really tenderly for almost the rest of the night/morning and caressing my arm with his thumb. It felt really tender and hot at the same time.
Anyway, the next morning he wanted to have sex again (as did I) and we did. We laid in a bed for a little after that and then he turned to me and said, sort of awkwardly, "you can kick me out at any time if you need to do things". I took this as humility and maybe he was afraid he was overstaying his welcome but there was a tiny suspicion that he wanted to get up and go but didn't want to be rude. I smiled and said I don't want to kick him out at all and that I liked him being there. Things were a little awkward once we got up and moving. I was very nice and pleasant and asked him if he wanted me to make some breakfast or go out for some. He said he had to get going. There were other times things seemed a little awkward with him, but it usually felt like it was his shyness. I can be extremely outgoing but I noticed myself getting a little shy and awkward with him at times bc of his shyness, also probably bc I actually liked him. Once our dates got going every week and esp after he had a few sips of a drink, he was so much more relaxed and talkative. Anyway, something felt a little off when he left. I sent him a funny text about a half hour after he left relating to something that happened that morning and he did text back in a humorous way. I thanked him for the previous night and he thanked me back. I said I hope to see him again soon and he didn't respond to that.
Then 3-4 days went by without any texts from him. For me, this is unusual. I have never had a grown man (who wasn't supposed to just be a hook-up) go days without texting me after the first time having sex. It's not about clinginess but about respect/consideration. I have never been someone that gets suddenly needy after having sex with someone. Furthermore, this was a noticeable decrease in communication compared to the previous 1-2 weeks when the texting/communication seemed to increase a bit, esp after I told him I liked him and he said the same back. Wednesday evening rolled around and I still hadn't heard from him. This is normally his day to ask me out again. I decided to reach out and ask him about something I knew we were both watching on TV that night. He wrote back an hour or so later (he usually takes hours to respond, even in the evenings after work). I texted back in agreement to what he said. That seemed to be the end of the conversation. I was getting a distinct weird vibe at this point. The next AM I woke up and saw that he had texted me again about 3-4 hours after my last text the previous night. I had fallen asleep and didn't see it until morning. I just "liked" his text and didn't respond back bc it didn't really warrant a response. Then two more days went by without communication and at this point I thought it was over and felt sad and a bit offended. Until suddenly he texted me on Friday all excited (and with a lot of enthusiasm that he hardly ever used over text with me) bc he found out the fancy expensive car he was waiting to get came in and he had to go to another state to pick it up. He was super excited and asked if I had any plans for the weekend. I was very nice but was a bit cooler. I said I was so happy to hear about his car and that I was just going to be doing school work all weekend (I'm in grad school). We chatted a little about his car but he didn't ask me out. It felt weird that he asked me what I was up to for the weekend but then didn't try to make plans. The convo ended and I thought things over that night and decided not to hold it against him bc maybe he was processing some feelings after having sex for the first time with me and I also got the vibe when we were intimate that he thought he may not have been pleasing me so maybe he was nervous/insecure. However, this is why I made sure to tell him shortly after he left my place that I hoped to see him again soon (to which he didn't reply).
So I decided to take the lead this time and asked him the next morning if he'd be back by Sunday and, if so, I could go to where he lives. He sent a cool response back saying he wasn't sure where he'd be at or whether he'd spend another night with his family in the state he was in. He said if he came home Sunday it would likely be a little later but probably enough time to do something. He said he should know more about his plans by that night. Again, it just felt very lukewarm; a feeling in my gut. I very enthusiastically wished him luck and congratulated him again on getting his car. I told him to send me a photo of it when he got it. The rest of that day and night went by without communication and no photo of the car or letting me know what his plans were for Sunday. It seems small but it was another thing that made me feel like we weren't gaining the momentum in each other's lives. Like, I never knew what he was doing after work, who he was seeing, any day to day going-ons in his life and we had talked about this car since the first date bc he was frustrated about all the logistical issues he ran into in trying to obtain it. I would think if he was so excited and I was so aware of this part of his life, that he'd want to send me a pic. I'm pretty positive he texted a pic to all his buddies on their "bro chain". At times, he sounded a little like a frat guy with his "bros" and I got the feeling perhaps he was trying to be the person he wasn't when he was younger. He is a bit nerdy and was much nerdier when he was young. They also go to bars that mainly college kids and people in their 20's go to and his closest buddy who lives in my city and is a very successful professional seems to drink heavily, at least recreationally.
The next morning (Sunday) rolled around and I was frustrated again. I just kept getting this vibe on and off that he had lost interest or was toying with me a bit. But then he texted me in the morning telling me he was already home and asked if I was still up for seeing him that night. I was surprised bc he told me, if he was coming home on Sunday, it would be later. So I thought, if he got up early this AM to drive the few hours home, maybe he was really eager to see me and had just been playing it cool. I told him I was still up for it and ok to drive to him since he had been driving all over the place all weekend. Again, he made the reservation and even called them to make sure they had heaters outside so I could decide whether I wanted to sit indoors or outdoors. It all seemed very considerate again. So I went and, as always, things were a little awkward when I first showed up, plus I was feeling a little cautious after I felt his behavior after having sex together was a little inconsiderate and immature. I gave him a little kiss to say hi. We went to dinner and started talking and, as usual, we had the best conversation (and really got going after he had had a little bit to drink). He also admitted that he was extremely shy in high school and some of college and couldn't even speak to girls. I told him that was sweet and that girls can be stupid in high school and ignore the sweet guys like that. I mentioned I dated in high school and had some older boyfriends that I shouldn't have had and that I think it's better to be shy about dating when you're that young. There was a musician playing outside for the outdoor diners. He played an instrument that I had studied very seriously through childhood and part of college. My date got up to use the mens room and the musician walked over to my table. I don't know what his intention was but as he approached I told him I played that instrument too and we had a whole convo about that. The waitress came by and began to talk as well. My date returned from the bathroom and I brought him into the convo by telling the musician that my date was also raised in the same state that he was. They chatted briefly about that. After the whole convo was done and it was just me and my date left at our table he gave a small laugh and said, "I come back from the bathroom and there's a crowd of people around you talking to you". Now, I am quite outgoing and since I was a little girl, people have always been a bit drawn to me and always just start talking to me and opening up to me. I enjoy speaking with other people and having warm exchanges, whether it's a server, bar-tender, etc. I am definitely more outgoing than he is in that way but I never carry on for more than a few mins like I'm ignoring him, it's usually with females, and I've never flirted with men in front of him.
We went back to his place and watched something on TV. I could see in the corner of my eye that he kept looking over at me and watching me. It seemed almost like he was looking at me and debating whether he should kiss me or not (again, shyness vibe). We were sort of cuddling, he was rubbing my legs which were almost in his lap. Then he just leaned over and kissed me and we began making out. We had made out just for a few minutes when he asked if we should go to the bedroom. So we went and we had sex. It was better this time but still a lot of ramming and he seemed to expect or want me to cum just from penetration (again, inexperienced vibe). I tried to help myself along. I didn't cum. This is not unusual for me. Like most women, I don't cum every time and when I don't, it doesn't bother me at all bc I love so many other things about sex; just the whole act, process, the feeling of being taken over by someone. Anyway, it was still hot and we shared some dirty talk. Afterwards, again, he cuddled and caressed me. He then asked me if I had paid the musician from dinner over Venmo bc I asked the guy for his Venmo. I told my date that I had given him some money, and my date squeezed my arm and whispered that that was very generous. It felt really nice, like he appreciated generosity in a partner.
The next morning we stayed in bed longer and chatted. He was, again, less animated. Whenever he got like that, I would feel a little like he wasn't as into it. But he did open up a little about some issues he was having with someone at work and we talked it out for a while. It felt nice that he finally sort of opened up about something in his life or something he was worried about. At one point, something came up about the sex and he looked down and said in an extremely serious tone, "but you didn't cum". I looked over at him and said really nicely/tenderly, "oh no. don't put that on yourself. I don't always cum. It isn't always about that for me. I just love how hot it is when we're together and we're still getting to know each other's bodies". He didn't look at me or say much to that. But again, it was confusing to me bc he is fine expressing that he's unhappy about me not cumming but he never asked me what I like, what can we do to get me there. It was like he just wanted to keep doing what he was doing but with better results. I had asked him a few times the first time I went down on him what he liked and can he can tell me anything he doesn't like but he just moaned that everything was perfect. Something also came up about him being ok about not using a condom with someone he hasn't known for very long and he just said "yea, I don't usually ever do that" not sure what that means ?? But again, his tone and demeanor just didn't make me feel like I could talk more about it. There was also a moment when I sat up in bed and my back was exposed while he laid next to me. He touched a tattoo I have on my shoulder and he asked "how many tattoos DO you have?" he didn't say it like he was revolted or anything but I definitely got the vibe that he may not have liked them. I laughed and said I have four and hate two of them and that I warn all young people, especially my patients, not to get a tattoo until they've really thought about it. He made a little comment "so you were like a rebel when you were younger". I guess based on the tattoos and other little things or stories I had told him. I was a bit rebellious when I was in high school and college but not terribly so and I am an extremely driven and a somewhat neurotic professional and grad student now. He, on the other hand, was a reserved all AP classes kind of kid. I don't know what exactly it was but I got a bad vibe again. Almost like I felt a little ashamed and I NEVER feel like that about my adolescence. It's ridiculous. He also mentioned at one point that he was an introvert. I just smiled and nodded. Now, I kept getting the vibe he was introverted but then there were times when he didn't seem introverted at all. He did seem to have a bit of an ego about his job (definitely a doc who likes to be right... don't they all) and a bit vain. I can be vain too. I like fashion and looking nice and taking care of myself, but sometimes his vanity seemed perhaps a bit insecure. He had shyly said a couple of times on our first few dates that he has to go to the gym and work at it bc he didn't get the "good genes" in terms of height, and build. He was always on the thinner side. He also had lied about his height online by about 2-3 inches. I normally see that as a red flag in terms of confidence and honesty but I had ignored it bc we had had such a great first date. I thought he looked great and was *extremely* attracted to him and now that he's older and works out, he has a very nice physique! But he is not considered traditionally "handsome" but he is very very cute and I found him super hot bc of our connection. I also felt he talked about his new car frequently as a slight brag and also mentioned other monetary things like a large amount of extra money he might be getting through his job. For someone who didn't share a whole lot about himself and his daily life, it always struck me that he would talk about these status symbols. I attributed it to normal male nerves and wanting to impress a girl he liked. The night I met his friends, they also were ragging on him about how he always needs to choose a halloween costume where he can show off his arms. I thought it was funny at the time but now I wonder if he really does now think he's some sort of hotshot bc of his large salary, new fancy car, new muscles, etc lol.
Anyway, he was very reserved again and we got up, got dressed, and he asked me if I wanted coffee. I told him I don't do well with caffeine but thanked him. He then walked over to me with his phone and an app was pulled up for a local coffee shop. He said he'd order us coffees from there so I could have decaf. Again, seemed very considerate. We went to get the coffees and he was still really reserved and seemed a little cold. I guess, that's the thing. I have known and been friends with reserved people but I can still get a warm vibe from them. But during these reserved times, it always felt a bit cold with him and it definitely made me feel and behave more reserved. We got the coffees and drove back towards his place. When we got closer, he asked in an unenthusiastic tone if I wanted to come back up to his place for a little. I said "Umm, yea.. I'd like that. I'd like to hang out a bit. You said you had to go to the gym, when do you plan on going?" then he said "well I was just going to finish my coffee and go straight there". He said it, again, somewhat coldly. I was so confused and the whole exchange felt a little awkward. He asked me up but then says we will only hang out for like 5 mins bc he's just going to finish his coffee and then go on with his day? I just felt confused again like I constantly kept feeling with him and I normally don't get confused like this with guys. So I pleasantly said "oh ok. If you're just going to head to the gym in a few mins, I might as well just head home." I was disappointed bc, again, like the previous week we had sex, I would have been really happy to spend a little time with him the day after but he didn't seem to feel the same way. I wanted so badly to go up with him and relax on his couch and hang out. Then I put my hand on his cheek and said I had another great time. I gave him a sweet kiss. When I pulled back, he was smiling but there was something weird. Like it wasn't a nice big smile, he looked a little shy but also something else. Almost worried?? I don't know, but I just got that weird vibe again and I don't get these vibes often from men - I usually can tell by this point whether they're interested or not. I don't normally get paranoid. I normally have the opposite, where the guy wants to spend more time with me and I'm being more cautious in the beginning. I am not used to this power dynamic where I find myself seemingly more interested in communicating and spending time with a guy than he does with me. It felt like another red flag.
I drove the hour it took to get home. I didn't hear from him the rest of the day. He didn't ask me if I got home ok or anything. The next day I sent him a photo of something. He wrote me back about 6-7 hours later after work. It was an unenthusiastic short sentence with no punctuation. I responded with something humorous and also told him something I was excited about that day (it was only a couple sentences), and then said I had just gotten home from work and I had hoped he had a great day. No response. Not even a delayed one; no response to me saying I hoped he had a good day; no response in regards to what I was excited about, which bugged me bc I was always so supportive and animated about the little things he was excited about in his life like his new car. At this point, I felt very very strange. I noticed, even though I didn't text him a lot bc I was trying to mirror his texting habits, that when I did, I would get really nervous beforehand. Almost like I was worried I'd look desperate or stupid for reaching out and that I already knew he wouldn't write back for a long time or would write back unenthusiastically. I usually never feel inhibited like this with someone at this stage of dating, esp when I am usually the more reserved one over text with a man in the beginning. It was an interesting thing to observe in myself. I was quite annoyed at this point and concerned about the future of a possible relationship with someone who lived at a distance and was so uncommunicative and unenthusiastic in between dates. And the fact that we started sleeping together and I made sure to take more initiative the previous week in terms of texting him and making plans to ensure he knew I was really still feeling it and he didn't change his behavior at all. Again, his enthusiasm and communication actually decreased. I would have been perfectly happy staying on the same trajectory we were on before we slept together but the fact that he got colder afterwards was a red flag to me.
So this is where it gets weirder. After he never texted me back and I was on the verge of just giving up on it and thoroughly annoyed at this point, the next day I was at home and had to send money to one of my friends over Venmo. I opened the app and my feed immediately popped up and I saw my date's name. I kind of perked up and clicked on his profile out of curiosity. I then saw that he had zero transactions in the last year or so except for transaction after transaction after transaction with another girl. All the transactions had cute little emojis like cocktails, coffees, food, cars/uber, etc. She humorously mentioned in one of them that this was there routine, how they always split 20:80. They seemed to get a more frequent this past spring, picked up much more through the summer, and then I noticed he had seen her every single weekend for the last 2 months on either Friday night or Saturday morning/day before he saw me on our Saturday nights. He had talked to me about a couple of his friends and the "bros" pretty frequently and I even met a couple of them early on, especially the ones that live in my city/state. But I realized he never ever talked about any friends he had in his city/state, never ever mentioned anything he ever does there recreationally. There were a couple times we had gone on dates and he had mentioned he had already "eaten a little something before he came" and I realized those were some of the days he had seen this girl before me, based on the Venmo transaction dates. He never ever mentioned her, or that he had eaten with a friend before seeing me, never mentioned any of the restaurants or activities he did with her. I found this very very odd. If they were really good friends or something and he mentioned her, I wouldn't find it as weird. Though, I do think it's odd when a man in his upper 30's sees a particular woman every single weekend in a row and they're "just friends". I kept trying to think but there was just no other explanation. I figured out she was 8 years younger and they do not work together but they live in the same city. This is a complete side note and could be absolutely nothing, but on our third date, he had mentioned he had dated someone who was 8 years younger and couldn't stand how many pictures she took all the time and that he felt like she wasn't really enjoying the actual moment. He said he had told her to stop taking so many photos. At the time, nothing seemed that weird, however I noted immediately that he seemed really annoyed just talking about it, almost like it was recent. This isn't hindsight talking, I picked up on this when he told me but it obviously wasn't strange enough to think about it after. Again, could be nothing and a completely different girl from his past, but I found it strange coincidence that this girl on his Venmo is 8 years younger and he was complaining about a somewhat recent person in his life who was 8 years younger and displayed some (in his opinion) immature behaviors. If he was complaining to his "new girl" about his "ongoing girl", that is really really sh***y. This guy is really not into social media. He would harp on it a lot and talk about how he thought it was ruining certain aspects of our culture and how we obtain reliable info. He suggested a documentary to me early on about social media and I watched it and it scared me too. But then I started wondering if he just doesn't use social media bc he's shady. I suppose that's the problem. I kept getting these vague shady vibes from him.
So here is where you may tell me I sound insane. But after I had just about ended it the previous week after he had been, what I perceived as, disrespectful after first sleeping together, and all the other vague lukewarm vibes I got from him, and not responding to me at all the previous day, I decided I was not going to ask him about it, I was just going to end things. It was getting to be too much for me... or rather too little. I didn't feel like there was a momentum building and any minimal momentum we had had actually ceased once we had slept together. I texted him and said this was really hard to do bc I liked him on several levels and have had so much fun with him. I said I know he is introverted and reserved and I actually like that in a man but I keep getting the distinct feeling that there is more to his reservedness with me. I said I don't know for sure what it is, but it's a strange vibe and, from my experience and other reasons of my own [aka Venmo, but I didn't say that yet] it seems like he may have his thoughts and time distracted by someone else. I told him I don't expect or want a commitment so early on with someone, however I do believe in sexual exclusivity while I'm trying to find out what I have with someone I'm sleeping with and I also am not ok with sleeping with someone who has possibly been seeing someone for a while (more than just a couple of first dates). I didn't say this part but I am a realist and know that most of us are likely seeing a few people for 1, 2, maybe 3 dates around the same time but if he has been seeing someone regularly with increased frequency since the SPRING, that's about 6 months. I then said that, unfortunately, these vibes are making me concerned about trustworthiness and just plain sexual health. I said I think it may be best not to discuss further and to go our separate ways.
He took 6 hours to reply and wrote me back close to midnight and just said "I'm not currently sleeping with anyone else, but if that's how you feel then ok. Take care as well." I replied a little while later and just said, I know you don't like social media, etc but I think you should be aware of what Venmo is sharing about your life on your friends' public feeds. So then I was super sad the next couple of days but felt that I made the right decision. However, on the following Saturday, I was curious and decided to see if there was another Venmo payment like clock work on his feed from her. There was, and she just wrote "therapy sesh" with a coffee and martini emoji. I talked to my mom about it, who had agreed his signals were too inconsistent, but she made an oops face and agreed that this was weird right after I ended things with him. None of their transactions ever had even a hint of sadness or upset in them and now 3 days after I broke it off with him he's having a "therapy sesh" with her. Of course it could have literally nothing to do with me. I said "oh my god, do you think they really are just friends and he was confiding in her about this?!". of course there was no way to know for sure but my mom suggested I write him once more, on the off chance that I had read him completely wrong from the beginning, to let him know I was sorry if I came off too harsh. I wrote him and said I was sorry for how I ended things that may have seemed abrupt and didn't give him much of a chance to reply. However, I did feel that I had a hard time gauging how he felt about me at times, and that there was a distinct drop in communication and increase in lukewarm vibes from him once we had become intimate. I said I found this all very concerning about respect, trust, interest level, etc. I said it all came to a head this past week in terms of trust and that's why I did what I did. I said "Was I completely off base? Bc if I was, I think i was hurtful and I'm sorry for using inadequate tact". That was almost two weeks ago and I have had no reply. I wasn't really expecting one.
So I am on here bc I feel completely messed up about this. I have never posted anything on a site like this in my life. I've never been this conflicted about a decision like this nor feel this sort of regret. I read people quite well and pick up on red flags well and reasonably early. When I end things with a guy, even if I feel sad or a little regret, it's clear I made the right decision. We had so many things aligned in terms of values, beliefs, the way we viewed the world, weird offbeat shows we found funny, sophisticated taste in cuisine, among so many other things. I have not met anyone quite as compatible in all those ways and I was starting to have feelings for him, despite my concerns. I kept telling myself I just needed to better understand an introvert. So bc of this and my age, I am obsessing over whether I threw away something that could have been potentially wonderful if I had been more patient. Was I too hasty to think the worst? Did I read him wrong and he really was this little introverted, nervous guy who was trying to act/seem cool? Has he had issues with other women finding him too reserved and I was just another one to make him feel bad about himself bc of it? I had moments where I thought he may have not been confident enough to be with someone like me and was very immature, despite his professional success. I am very friendly, outgoing, I do draw a lot of attention from men (sorry for the arrogance), and I know quite a bit about politics, medicine, I'm well-traveled and well-spoken. I have known multiple doctors before who clearly need a woman who plays second fiddle so they are the "star". Please give me honest but respectful feedback. I just am having a hard time letting this one go. I realize noone will no the true answers to my questions, except for him, and the fact that I'm so worried about it now probably proves I should have opened up a dialogue about it, rather than just end things. If I wasn't prepared to deal with the emotional fallout of it ending and my questions never being answered, then I should have waited a bit longer. I also realize that, if I WAS completely off base, to him, I must look like a paranoid lunatic and he would never want to speak to me again. I don't know. Please be real with me. Please be kind. Thanks.
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2020.10.26 18:14 No_Ad_9773 Sons girlfriend and 10 year sister have basically just moved in

My son (16) has been dating a girl whose family has a pretty nasty reputation, the mother of these 8 kids died of a drug overdose almost 10 years ago and the father is a unhinged dead beat - most likely abusive. He’s dating their 15 year old daughter, I initially worried about this because I was afraid he’d end up getting involved in some shady things possibly drugs.
But it went on for about a year without any issues and he’s a smart kid so I don’t really have to worry too much about it. The issue comes now, their situation has obviously gotten worse and she asked my son if she and her sister could stay here just for a little bit, until they found somewhere else.
She had staying here for four months. My son turned our guest bedroom into a room specifically for her sister and he’s been sleeping in the same bed as his girlfriend. None of this without my consent either, if he had come to me we could’ve worked something out but it’s really disrespectful to basically just move someone in without asking the owner of the house.
I approached my son about finding her somewhere else to stay and it just resulted in us getting in a big argument. I don’t know what to do at this point. I’ve tried to solve things nicely by talking to him but I have to do something.
I’ve thought about two options
  1. Contacting child protective services which would probably be the best thing to do legally speaking.
  2. Try to find some of her other family that could take her off my hands, she says she doesn’t have any family in the area but I feel like she just wants an excuse to stay here.
To put this into perspective I’m the father and my wife is just going along with this. Acting like I’m wrong for not wanting my son to basically be raising the 10 year old child of a drug addict on his own and sleeping in the same bed as that girl. He’s only 16 and being put in a very dangerous position
I want him to actually have a future instead of this. My family acts like I’m terrible for worrying about the future of my son
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2020.10.26 16:39 xinumacretes Does Jagex even care anymore??

I've been playing Runescape on and off since early 2007 and have been a die hard fan of this game since the very beginning. Ive spent more hours playing runescape than any other game I've ever played and have even made some life long friends along the way, so to say that I'm not grateful for runescape would be a total lie; however, as I've gotten older I've realized that the amount of shady and toxic activity that goes on in this game is just absurd. We all know how toxic players can be in this game and it genuinely upsets me that so much of it goes totally unchecked and is never even mentioned by Jagex.. whether it's the ddosing, rwting, players telling others to kill themselves etc.. we've all seen the YouTube videos that are being posted daily about how corrupt this game has become, and how Jagex does very little to combat all of it.. which leads me to ask, does Jagex even care? Because after all this time it genuinely seems like they don't. I understand there's only so much you can do about toxic players being toxic but when players begin to threaten others with swatting, or even death threats ( go watch Kemp Q's more recent vid, and if you're reading this KempQ great work and for the love of God stay safe, as well as the rest of you youtubers exposing these shit heads )something absolutely needs to be done. I try to stay as up to date with the game and jagex as much as I can considering I don't have the time to play like I used to, so maybe I've missed a statement or a press release by Jagex or something. Idk.
Sorry, my rant is over. its just upsetting to see a game thats influenced me and so many others in so many positive ways turn in to this. Im not asking for Jagex to be perfect as I'm sure they have so much going on. Thank you for reading.
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2020.10.26 15:42 tobymustdie My (25F) husband (25M) snuck taking a drug I told him crossed a line with me and I feel extremely betrayed.

For backstory: We met at 19, married young at 21, and within months of marriage I found out he had been cheating on me by sexting random women and past ex's. I came from a religious family and was raised believing that divorce is wrong, so I kept working on the relationship. It took about 2 years before he finally stopped cheating. I feel like a completely different person than who I used to be, and I dont know if thats because I was younger before or because the cheating really tore me apart. But I have extreme trust issues and confidence issues. When they come up, my husband gets extremely defensive and guilt trips me by saying "I've changed so much, I don't do that anymore, I wish you could just trust me" and the like. Its pretty common for him to say that when I confront him with an insecurity.
When we were dating we talked about drugs and said we were both fine with Weed and that was it. My husband now claims he never remembers saying that. In the past six months we have been talking about other drugs. I get nervous because I am afraid if he uses a dug he will 1. get addicted or 2. it will bring back his cheating habits. I know it is because I am insecure and I have trust issues that I think that way, but I have never told him flat out "no" to a drug. I have only said that I dont want us to take them randomly, I want us to research them privately and then decide if its something we could introduce into our lives safely. Since then, we have tried shrooms, and Vyvanse.
The 24th of October was my birthday and we were hanging out with friends at a bar. During the night, a friend brought up how he had placed an order for acid form a friend, and my husband said "I told you I only want to try half a tab first though". I pulled him aside and asked what he was talking about, that we had never discussed taking acid before. He said that he was just saying "if" he tried acid, and that of course he would never just take it without us looking into it as we had discussed before. I said that based on the conversation I had just heard it sounded like he had been discussing it with his friends, and I asked why he had not discussed it with me yet. He said that it just randomly came up and he was planning on discussing things with me. Overall his attitude was offended, seemingly unhappy that once again I wasn't inherently trusting him. Not wanting to ruin the night I let it go. At bar close, about 2:30 AM we went back to a friends house. I hadn't had too much to drink throughout the night, so I was pretty sober. At another point acid came up again, and my husband said "I want to do it here when we do", referring to my friends house. I looked at him and he met my gaze and then added "if we do". We got a knock at the door and my friend answered it. I logged what I had just heard away to mention to my husband later in private since it was questionable to me. The person at the door had apparently been my friends dealer, because he got some cocaine off him. Now, I knew nothing about cocaine, and it being in the house automatically made me nervous because I knew my husband would want to try it right away. My friend did a few lines off a plate, and my husband said my name twice from across the room. When I made eye contact to him, he gestured his head towards the plate clearly asking if I minded. I ignored him and kept conversating, mainly because I was annoyed he was trying to ask without even a private conversation. We ordered pizza, and when it arrived I helped my husband carry it into the kitchen. This being the first time we were alone, he flat out asked me if I cared stating that he wanted to try coke. I told him I did, and that as we discussed I wanted to look into the drug before we tried it. He got upset and we had a little bicker, but I walked away from the conversation having clearly told him that "no" I was not okay with it. I inherently expected him to respect that, but my feelings of distrust were rising. I made it a mental goal to be in the same room with the cocaine the rest of the night, to see if he was going to be shady. Cut to about an hour later when I had gone to the restroom, I walked into the kitchen to see him dropping the rolled dollar bill onto the plate. He rubbed his nose and said he had to use the bathroom and walked past me. I waited, and when he came out I confronted him saying "I saw you sneak that line of cocaine". My friend had just walked into the room and said "did you man?" clearly excited. My husband said yea and then quickly moved on to ask my friend a question. I walked out of the room stunned, and 30 minutes later told my husband and friend I had ordered an uber home. It was about 5:30am at this time so my friend didn't think that was weird, I had done that before, but my husband knew something was wrong and didn't say a thing to me before I left. I slept alone, and the next morning when my husband came back home I told him how hurt I was and that I felt so betrayed by him. I told him that I felt that he did things behind my back, but I thought it had been my insecurities because he always gets so offended when I question him, but now I don't know if I can ever trust him again. He told me "I didn't do anything wrong" and "you act like I cheated on you". He got upset, and we haven't spoken since. I really dont know what to do. I always question myself but this time I dont think I was wrong. I don't know how I'll get past this. It took a long time to feel like I could trust him again, but even though this is a different topic than before I realize he's still okay with being deceitful towards me. Its hurts more than I could express. I need an outsiders opinion.
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2020.10.26 13:16 Zychara Getting Captcha on every website using cloudflare, every time I visit them

Issue started a few days ago, tried googling the issue but didn't find any up to date answers.
Checked project honey pot as suggested and nothing came up. Did find a result on spamhaus which states my IP is on the policy block list but that seemed more related to email?
I've run virus checks with malwarebytes and windows defender and no issues. Also confident I'm not on any shady websites, just normal gaming and reddit browsing.
I'm not the only one using my connection so It could be someone else, we reset the router and it fixed the issue for a couple of days before it returned.
Any ideas what could be causing this? Its really frustrating to deal with constantly. Thanks in advance.
System specs: windows 10/i7-7700k/gtx2080
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2020.10.26 12:40 throwaway5233142 How do you "go out there and get to know other people"?

I'm a 21 year old German computer science Student. I never had a date in my life. I would rate my skills in flirting/talking with people in general below average, but not terrible.

When trying to find a gf, you usually do the following:
Step 1: Meet a random girl.
Step 2: Talk/flirt with her, get to know her and if you like her, try to get her to have a date with you.
Step 3: Have a successful date with her.

This thread/question is exclusivly about the first step, not the other two.

When I see discussion about this Problem, people always say "You won't find a gf while sitting at your desk, you need to go out there and get to know other people.". This is precisely my problem, I am someone who nearly always sits at home.

I know, that this sounds like a stupid question, but how do you meet girls/people in general? Because "go out there and get to know other people" doesn't mean just standing in the street in front of your house. I know that sounds stupid, but I have no idea how to "go out there and get to know other people".

Things that did not work for me:

  1. Sport: I regulary go to a sports club (not to meet people, but to do sports). (To stay anonymous, I don't want to say what/where.) But because most people come there regulary, everytime I go there, I meet the same people -> No success.

  1. University: This is where I met more people than everywhere else. I know how to approach people that are in the same lecture etc. with me, but I don't know how to approach people that are not in the same lecture with me. Another problem is that Women in computer science are a rare sight. The last, obvious problem is that there are no lecture due to covid.

  1. Discos: Two problems: First, they are closed due to covid. Second, has anyone ever walked into a club alone and get to known someone? You can't even talk, because the music is so loud. (Note: I don't dance)

  1. Online Dating: Most online dating platforms are shady af. I'm smart enough to realize if a company wants to rip me off and I know that desperete, lonely people are an easy target.

Note: Ignore covid for a second, because covid makes this problem worse, but I also had this problem before covid. Where I live, there is no lockdown, most things (except for Discos and Universities) are open. You can also give advice that currently does not work because of covid, it will work after covid.
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2020.10.26 07:55 MoistureOyster Singtel forcing customers to subscribe to unnecessary add-ons.

I am sick and tired of Singtel continuing to take advantage of people by making them sign up for add-on services with every recontract/change of plan. Every time i recontract, i'm forced to sign up for certain unnecessary services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Singtel Newsstand-Storytel, Singtel Newsstand-Magzter, Singtel Newsstand-ST, Viu Premium OTT, ZoneAlarm, Amazon Prime etc. While it's free/provided at a promotional price for the first month or so, I can imagine how some people who have forgotten or are unaware that they are subscribed for such add-ons eventually forget to unsubscribe and are subsequently charged for them. It has happened to me in the past and it's why I make it a point to unsubscribe from these add-ons even before I leave the Singtel store.
What really annoyed this time was learning that i was unable to unsubscribe from their ZoneAlarm Mobile Security add on from day one of the new contract (which was 22 July 2020). I was told that i had to wait 3 months (ie. until after 22 Oct 2020) before being able to unsubscribe, less i get charged for it. While i found it ridiculous, I accepted it and added it to my calendar. However, come 18 Oct 2020, my bill reflected that I have been charged for this service. This was confusing as it was supposed to be a free service until 22 Oct 2020. Further, as mentioned above, i was unable to unsubscribe from this service until after that date (which I eventually did on 23 Oct).
After a week of waiting with no response to my query, i finally got into contact with a Singtel representative on Whatsapp. After a lengthy discussion (due to the representative's poor english and failure to understand my frustration), i was informed that this amount charged to me would be refunded in my next bill.
While I am glad this ordeal is over, this should not be part of the customer experience. If i had not checked my bill and blindly paid for it, i would not have known that i was being charged for a service that (1) was supposed to be free for the period and (2) i was unable to unsubscribe from.
I also expect that Singtel will "forget" to refund me come my next bill and that i would have to contact them again. This has happened in the past. It's very clear how little faith I have in Singtel or their customer service.
Frankly their "shady" practices disgust me and i'll probably switch over to Starhub come the end of this contract.
Edit: Didn't think it was even necessary to clarify this but by "force", I was clearly referring to subscribing to the add ons. No shit i'm not being forced to recontract with them with my family at gunpoint. The fact is, having decided (out of my own god-given free will) to recontract with singtel, they have made it necessary to subscribe to these add-ons and that is what frustrates me.
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2020.10.26 04:03 Zithero Of Nite and Dei [Chapter 21]

Table of Contents
Chapter 16 l Chapter 17 l Chapter 18 l Chapter 19 l Chapter 20
Shuttle Goodwill
Yuki floated to her bed, knowing she would have to force herself to sleep as she was sharing shifts with Issla.
Issla floated above her, heading to her own bunk.
“So, will we be handling the ship together?” Yuki asked.
Issla gave a nod, “yes. It’s nice to have a fourth, capable member of the crew. Nice to always have a partner. We were used to having a few hours of being alone, not great when we pass the E-Threshold.”
“E-Threshold?” Yuki asked.
“Yes,” Issla said, speaking loudly enough so that Yuki could hear her from the top bunk. “It’s the point where we lose our empathic links from Nite.”
“When does that happen?” Yuki said concern on her face as she thought about what it would feel like to no longer feel Serren.
“Sometime tomorrow, that’s when we need to rely on our Niten links,” Issla sighed, “it’ll be bad for a week, so I hope you can handle that.”
Yuki laughed nervously, “I’m sure I’ll be fine.” Yuki said, clipping herself into the bed and adjusting the straps to hold her gently, yet firmly, into her bed.
Issla peaked over to Yuki, “need help with the straps?”
“Nah, I’m good,” Yuki smiled, “Thanks though.”
“Goodnight, Yuki,” Issla said.
“Goodnight, Issla,” Yuki responded.
Yuki settled in as the lights near them shut off, she closed her eyes, drifting off to sleep.

Yuki woke, startled, and dazed.
Flames were consuming everything around her! She turned to look for Serren but didn’t find him anywhere.
Yuki flung herself out of bed and pushed through the flames to reach the balcony of her home.
There stood two figures she had never seen before.
One was a young Dei Angel with long black hair and black wings. Her eyes were a stunning violet, and she wore clothing she could only recall as old Dei Military regalia.
Next to her was a red Niten dragon, young as well. He wore robes, similar to that of the Scribe, though his robes were lined with different colored borders and had beautiful embroidery on them.
“Where’s Serren?!” Yuki shouted to the pair.
The woman turned to her, concern on her face, “Mom, get inside.”
“Mom?!” Yuki shouted, shocked.
The young Nite turned to Yuki and walked to her, “Sister I’ll take her inside,” he turned to the Dei Angel, who Yuki just realized was just as tall as the Red Nite who was approaching her.
The girl nodded, “okay brother, I’ll go check in with dad at the hospital,” with that the woman crouched for a moment, and leaped into the air with such force that a powerful wind blew Yuki and the red Nite off balance.
“What is going on?!" Yuki demanded.
The Red Nite turned to her, concerned as he felt her hand, “Mother, it’s okay,” his concern shifted to that of a warm smile, “we’ll make sure everything is okay.”
The ground shook, “What is happening?” Yuki shouted, “Is there another stampede?”
The Red Nite shook his head, “No, something fell from the sky,” he turned, his eyes narrowing at the now darkening clouds overhead.
“Like a meteorite?!” Yuki exclaimed.
The Red Nite shook his head, “No, something far more treacherous.”
Yuki heard screaming before she woke up. She sat up in her bed in a cold sweat, the strap pulled her tight as she tried to wake.
Issla was by her side, “Yuki, you okay?”
Yuki nodded, heaving breaths, slowing her breathing, “yes, just a nightmare…”
Issla frowned, “I hope those aren’t common.”
“I’m sure it’s just nerves,” Yuki reasoned, unstrapping herself from the bed.
“It’s okay to be nervous,” Issla advised, “I’d be worried if you weren’t.”
“Yeah,” Yuki answered, “nothing to be worried about.”
“We need each other for this journey, so it’s important we’re honest and opened,” Issla advised.
“I’ll keep that in mind,” Yuki responded, glancing to her stomach, “I hope you’re safe. I can’t go to find one child only to lose the other”
Cleo was flabbergasted by Mr. Sorjoy’s request, “Mr. Sorjoy, I cannot-”
“I need you for this, Cleo,” Sorjoy explained, “you’re my right hand. I need you to go with me to the wedding, as my date, but in the pretext that you are my assistant.”
Cleo’s brow furrowed, “Mr. Sorjoy, it is very late, can I please get back to you in the morning?”
“I’ll need to know first thing,” Sorjoy said, “otherwise I need to make… other arrangements.”
Cleo flinched, knowing that those other arrangements were likely to be Jasmin. She didn’t know why she felt a twinge of jealousy. She had no real desire to be with Sorjoy. It wasn’t that she hated him, but rather she didn’t know enough about him.
She feared his connections, his shady dealings, and if she were to get close to him, would she become a target? If those in Cerberus would target her, what about other enemies of Sorjoy?
“I need an answer soon, Cleo,” Sorjoy demanded.
“Fine, Mr. Sorjoy, but I will only do this as an extension of my position as your assistant,” Cleo said, caving to his demands.
“Good, I’ll give you a budget for an evening gown,” Sorjoy offered.
“I have an evening gown,” Cleo informed him.
“One suitable for such a formal event?” Sorjoy asked.
Cleo’s lip raised in anger and she narrowed her eyes at nobody in particular, “Mr. Sorjoy, I am not some pauper! I understand the dress code of this event, and if you do not mind, sir,” Cleo argued, “I will need an hour or two more than you to get ready for this event, so I do hope you’ll be able to handle yourself from 1 pm on tomorrow!”
“Excuse me, Cleo? I will not-” Sorjoy was cut off.
“No, Mr. Sorjoy, if you do not mind it is 1 am and if I am expected to make an appearance at such an event I will need to rest,” Cleo stated, “Good night, Mr. Sorjoy!” with that she ended the call.
Cleo walked to her closet, angrily flipping through her wardrobe. “Make sure you have a ‘suitable evening gown for such a formal event’, oh just you wait you arrogant fuck! I’m going to blow your fucking wings off!” Cleo grinned as she came upon a particular dress, grinning wickedly, “Perfect.”
Sorjoy was unsure what to expect when he walked into his office the next morning.
His evening with Jasmin was enjoyable. The girl was talkative, but it was clear to him that her perceived intellect was surface level at best. Any time he would probe her for the information she would falter or shift the subject to him.
Jasmin was an expert at doing this, talking about him most of the night and flattering him. She seemed to know exactly how to stroke his ego, which Sorjoy would have enjoyed more if he hadn’t noticed it so easily.
As his elevator reached his floor, there was Cleo, as she always was, sitting at her desk on her tablet.
Cleo glanced up to Sorjoy, getting to her feet, “Good morning, sir.”
“Cleo,” Sorjoy said as he passed her desk, “I want to apologize in advance for the late call last night.”
“That’s alright sir, I’m your executive assistant, after all, I should make myself available to you at your convenience,” Cleo stated, “I’ve rescheduled most of your day with the plan of me leaving at 1 pm to prepare for this evening’s event.”
Sorjoy smiled, “Thank you very much, Cleo. You leaving at 1 pm is perfectly acceptable.”
“Thank you, Mr.Sorjoy,” Cleo said, picking up her tablet and following Sorjoy into his office, “then we have an extremely busy morning.”
Sorjoy nodded as Cleo followed him to his desk, explaining to him the itinerary for the morning.
Before he even knew it, in the middle of his conference call with several new investors, he found a message from Cleo.
“Mr. Sorjoy, it is 1 pm and I will be leaving to prepare for this evening’s event. Please remember that after the conference call you have a follow-up call with Senator Snode. I’ve informed him you must conclude by 3 pm,” Cleo’s text read.
Sorjoy responded back, “Thank you, Cleo. You may leave. I’ll pick you up at 7 pm.”
Another text appeared, “your Tuxedo is waiting at my desk. I’ve instructed Naberious with the driving itinerary. He’ll wait for you after taking you to your condo at 3 pm and wait for you until you’re ready. Please be finished by 6 pm, Naberious will pick me up at 6:30 pm and we will arrive at the event at 7 pm, sharp.”
Sorjoy smiled, enjoying having the day mapped out to the minute, “thank you again, Cleo.”
There were no further text messages from Cleo as his conference call came to an end.
Sorjoy’s phone rang once more, and Sorjoy saw it was a call from Palma, “What is it? I’ve got a wedding to get to in several hours.”
“Clearly not yours,” Palma jabbed, laughing.
“Get to the point, Palma,” Sorjoy growled.
“Yeah yeah,” Palma said, taking a drag from a cigarette, “so our little birdie flew the coop. Someone paid his bail.”
“How the fuck did that happen?” Sorjoy growled.
“Apparently someone leaked that we were holding someone who might have been innocent against the law. Some human rights bullshit and so on,” Palma confided, “apparently a senator got called.”
“What?!” Sorjoy snapped, he turned to the phone, “funny enough, I have to make a call to a senator. Any idea what senator let the bastard go?”
“Senator Elizbeth Warren, if I recall,” Palma grumbled, “apparently she had some choice words for my father.”
“And Gabriel caved like a sack of shit,” Sorjoy grumbled, “I’ll have to let Mr. Trueman know who, exactly, allowed the man suspected of orchestrating the theft of his diamond to be set free.”
“Woah, Woah,” Palma defended, “I didn’t say that!”
“Palma,” Sorjoy smiled, “if there’s a vacancy in the Commissioner position… do you not think there will be an emergency election?”
“Sure, but-” Palma was cut off.
“And who will I seek to fill that spot, if I am awarded Mr. Trueman’s position?” Sorjoy smiled as he played on Palma’s weakness.
“That's my father,” Palma pointed out, agitation in his voice.
“And he has held the position of commission for how many years now, Palma? Don’t you think it’s time you gave your old man a nice, easy retirement,” Sorjoy smiled wickedly to himself.
“I’ve got to give him a heads up, at least? Please? You know that much, Sorjoy,” Palma begged.
“By all means, try, but Trueman loves that diamond-like it was his own child, anyone who gets in the way of bringing those who tried to take it from him to justice? They are going to suffer a swift and harsh punishment,” Sorjoy threatened.
“At least let me give him a heads up so he can resign, rather than getting canned,” Palma pleaded, “I know Trueman has dirt on my dad, I’d rather that shit didn’t get out, whatever it is.”
“Fine,” Sorjoy said, “tell your father to resign, I’ll inform Trueman that I was the one who demanded he does so.”
“Win-win then,” Palma said, “I’ll let him know, but you swear you’re going to have my back for his spot?”
“Absolutely,” Sorjoy said, smiling, “I’ll even put a good word in for you with Trueman.”
“Fine,” Palma snapped, “I’ll get right on it. Sir.” The line then went dead.
Sorjoy laughed, looking at the phone, “Dance, little puppet, dance.”
Sorjoy then recalled Cleo’s text and checked the time. He was slightly behind on his call to Senator Snode. He quickly placed the call to Senator Snode.
The phone rang enough times that Sorjoy thought he was going to his voicemail.
The line finally picked up, “Ah, Mr. Sorjoy. Fashionably late, but present! An improvement, I must say,” Snode jabbed.
“Sorry Senator,” Sorjoy said, placing a headset on and moving to his office door, grabbing a garment bag that was sitting on Cleo’s desk on his way to the elevator, “it’s been a very hectic day. I also got a warning from someone I know in the police department that the man who attacked my caravan not too long ago is out on bail.”
“Troubling indeed, sorry to hear that,” Senator Snode emphasized.
“Apparently, Senator Warren had something to do with it,” Sorjoy informed, “needless to say, I don’t feel very safe.”
“Warren’s a bleeding heart human right’s advocate,” Senator Snode stated, “it doesn’t shock me, but… I am glad you told me. I have some friends in the opposing party who would love to use that against her in her next campaign. Care to give me some more of the details? Could be handy.”
“Senator,” Sorjoy smiled, “I’m a businessman, you know nothing I do is for free.”
“Well we wouldn’t be living in a free world if that was the case,” Senator Snode laughed, “fair enough. You gave me something to chase, only fair to play quid-pro-quo. So I guess you’re looking to have some relief on the taxes coming your way for that nice acquisition of yours?”
Sorjoy smiled, “I would appreciate it, Senator, such an artifact was very costly to bring in, not to mention the untold losses we had from losing one of our top miners.”
“I understand, Mr. Sorjoy I’ll allot you a special tax rebate for your operation costs, and then some, with respect to this one mineral acquisition?” Senator Snode’s voice was hopeful, “I’ll guess that should cover any taxes you’d owe by years end.”
Sorjoy smiled, “Sounds agreeable, how about you send the offer to my office, and upon it being as we discussed, I’ll provide the information you’d like regarding Senator Warren allowing a dangerous terrorist to walk our streets.”
“I’m happy we could make an arrangement, Mr. Sorjoy,” Senator Snode laughed, “I’m also expecting a sizable contribution to my re-election campaign next year.”
“I’m assuming if that doesn’t happen… I’ll find the rebate revoked?” Sorjoy asked.
“Now now,” Senator Snode laughed, “I didn’t say that… but I can’t say that the rest of the senate would be happy to see such a large tax rebate if, say, you were to suddenly be audited?”
“I see,” Sorjoy smiled, “Well, Senator, I’m sure we can avoid being audited then.”
“Excellent speaking with you, Mr. Sorjoy,” Senator Snode said, happily.
Sorjoy smiled as he walked through his lobby, “and you as well, Senator.”
“Enjoy the wedding, I hear Mr. Hoffman’s got himself a lovely bride,” Senator Snode added.
“Yes, I’m wishing him the best,” Sorjoy said as he walked towards the limousine.
“Send him my regards,” Senator Snode laughed.
“I will,” Sorjoy said, climbing into the limo, “and I’ll be in touch.”
“I will as well, Mr. Sorjoy,” Senator Snode concluded. The call ended.
Sorjoy unzipped the garment bag, looking over the rose-colored shirt and red lined dark suit, smiling at it, “Perfect.”
Sorjoy affixed an expensive watch to his wrist as he checked himself in the mirror. His shirt matched his red hair and wings perfectly, and the slim fit of the tuxedo was flawless as well.
Sorjoy buttoned up the suit and grinned smugly to himself as he adjusted the maroon tie and checked his golden cufflinks. His black shoes had a high gloss shine. He made his way from his high rise condo down below to the waiting limousine.
He headed through the lobby of the luxurious skyscraper where his condo sat high in the upper floors, the door to the street being opened by the imp doorman.
“Looking good Mr. Sorjoy,” a grey colored Imp in an elegant white doorman uniform and hat chirped. If Sorjoy remembered, he was named Uprem. After his rough patch with Malik and Cleo, Sorjoy decided to address the Imp today.
“Thank you, Uprem,” Sorjoy grinned.
Uprem was taken aback, “oh, uh, you’re welcome Mr. Sorjoy!”
Sorjoy made his way to the Limo, spotting Naberious standing by the door.
“Nice threads, Mr.Sorjoy,” Naberious admired Sorjoy’s expensive designer tuxedo as he opened the door as he thought to himself, “somebody must want to impress Cleo.”
“Thank you, Naberious, I assume we’re heading to pick up Cleo?” Sorjoy asked.
“Next stop, yes,” Naberious informed as he closed the door behind Sorjoy.
Sorjoy adjusted his wings slightly in the limo as they drove on. Sorjoy did not recognize their next stop, as they pulled up to what appeared to be a salon.
Naberious looked back from the driver’s seat, “I believe, traditionally, you should step out to greet her. You are her date, Mr. Sorjoy.”
Sorjoy gave Naberious a nod, “I suppose that would be best.” Sorjoy got out of the limousine, and as he did, his jaw dropped the moment he saw Cleo.
Cleo walked out of the salon wearing a long dress that sparkled in the evening lights. Her dress was backless, and the straps came over her bust, showcasing her cleavage tastefully, hugging her trim waist and following her shapely hips. The silver dress was peppered with long lines of black which shimmered as she walked. Her legs were clad in white stockings and she approached Sorjoy in tall silver stilettos.
Cleo’s hair was styled long, and straight, her make-up was impeccable, her eye shadow a soft lilac in color while her lips were a soft pink, her violet eyes seemed to glow from behind the dark eyeliner and long lashes she sported.
Cleo’s white wings were conditioned, shimmering along with the rest of her dress. The streetlights occasionally cause light to refract on the edges of her feathers, making the illusion of a rainbow of color along the edges of her wings.
Even Cleo’s nails were done, mostly white, with violet tips.
Sorjoy’s eyes hadn’t left her as Cleo approached him, and as she finally reached him, she pulled a small matching clutch forward, checking her make-up in the mirror before her eyes moved to Sorjoy.
Hanging over the tops of her wings was a set of thin silver chains, each ending at one of her primary feathers.
“Mr. Sorjoy, if we don’t get going quickly, I’m afraid we’ll be late,” Cleo said flatly.
Sorjoy tried to compose himself, “Oh, right, s-sorry it’s just-”
“I understand, Mr. Sorjoy,” Cleo smiled a brilliant smile to him as she offered her hand, “help me in?”
Sorjoy nodded, taking her hand as Cleo used Sorjoy to steady herself as she climbed into the limousine.
“You look stunning,” Sorjoy managed as he climbed in.
“That was the goal, Mr. Sorjoy,” Cleo said.
"No," Sorjoy objected, "we're officially off the clock, call me Erik."
"Off the clock, in the company car?" Cleo objected.
"Perks," Sorjoy grinned.
Cleo smiled back and turned to Naberious, “Nab, we need to get going.”
“Yes ma’am,” Naberious chuckled, heading towards the wedding.
Sorjoy looked Cleo over, his eyes scanning her from head to toe, “Now I must have this woman,” he thought to himself.
After a long day, Rezzolina found herself finally heading home. As she landed, she spotted Serren, fully dressed, and ready to leave. “Serren?” Rezzolina asked, approaching him quickly, “what’s going on?”
“I’m going to head home,” Serren explained, “I need to get to work, my sabbatical is coming to an end and I will need something to keep my mind off of Yuki.”
Rezzolina hugged him, “Serren, don’t go yet.”
“I’ve already taken enough time off of work,” Serren argued.
“They have gotten along so far without you,” Rezzolina reasoned, “I’m sure they’ll manage.”
“Why don’t you want me to go, Rezza?” Serren asked.
“Because,” Rezzolina sighed, “I’m not going to make the same mistake I did last time.”
Serren turned from her, “Yuki is not dead, and she’s coming back.”
“In six to nine months, she’s coming back,” Rezzolina explained, “assuming that she can come back.”
“What does that mean?” Serren narrowed his eyes on Rezzolina, “What did you do?”
“Nothing,” Rezzolina defended, “I swear.”
Serren looked her over, giving her a critical look.
“Listen, Serren,” Rezzolina guided him to the couch, sitting down with him, “I want you to live with me.”
“Live with you?” Serren exclaimed, “Why?”
“One, so I can keep an eye on you,” Rezzolina explained, “and two, so that maybe, together, we can feel a little less lonely.”
Serren looked to his feet, his head drooping.
“Serren,” Rezzolina lifted his chin, “Listen, I wasn’t there for you when Allia was taken from you. I was angrier at her than I was worried for you, and I failed you there. I thought you’d be fine, and when I heard about what you did when your despair swallowed you up?” Rezzolina hugged Serren tightly. “I’m not letting that happen to you again.”
Serren hugged back, “but I have a life back in Cairro.”
“Do you?” Rezzolina pulled back, “Listen, I may not like Yuki, but you love her. I have my own personal biases with Dei angels, and if you ask me? She’s not coming back.”
Serren’s face fell, and tears filled his eyes and ran down his cheeks.
“But I could be wrong!” Rezzolina tried to salvage the situation, “you know I never look on the bright side of things!”
Serren gave Rezzolina a nod.
“So, why not just… quit your job in Cairro, and live with me, at least until Yuki comes back,” Rezzolina offered.
“I can’t just quit,” Serren shook his head.
“Sure you can!” Rezzolina smiled, “why not quit, and go school here? You always talked about being more than a nurse. Why not get some more training, and then you can go back to that hospital as a surgeon's aid, or maybe even keep at your training and be a doctor?”
Serren considered this for a moment, “I have… been saying I would do that sooner or later.”
“There’s no better medical school than in Metro Prime, Serren,” Rezzolina smiled to Serren.
Serren laughed, “I guess so,” he sighed, “you sure you won’t mind me living here?”
Rezzolina laughed, getting up and heading to her kitchen, “are you kidding? I’m all alone here! Having my little brother here will be a great thing to come home to!” Rezzolina announced as she grabbed a bottle of wine.
“Oh?” Serren grinned, “you just want someone to clean up after you.”
Rezzolina laughed, walking towards Serren with a pair of wine glasses, “like I can’t keep a clean house on my own.”
Serren chuckled as Rezzolina handed him a glass of wine, filling it well past the halfway mark.
Rezzolina overfilled her own glass, and lifted it to Serren, “to the future, where our family is closer.”
Serren smiled to Rezzolina, “and to Yuki’s safe return.”
Rezzolina sighed, “and to Yuki’s return.”
The pair clinked their glasses and drank.
Classical music plays as well dressed ushers in black and white tuxedos escort individuals from the door into a large church.
Sorjoy and Cleo walked through the doors, as Sorjoy walked through his face a confident smirk.
Cleo did her best to hide her smug smile, keeping her stoic expression as she walked alongside Sorjoy.
The pair reached a male angel with violet wings at a small podium, “Name please?”
“Erik Sorjoy, my date, Cleopatra Cassandra Walters,” Sorjoy introduced.
The man at the podium’s eyes went wide as he looked over Cleo, “I, see… well… welcome. Groom or Bride?”
“Groom,” Sorjoy stated.
He gave a nod, “please sit in the pews to the right.”
Sorjoy returned the nod, “where’s the groom now?” Sorjoy questioned.
“Likely in the dressing room sir,” the usher answered.
“Good,” Sorjoy turned to Cleo, “Cleo, I have some congratulations to give to Mr. Hoffman personally. I assume you can find our seats?”
“Yes, Erik,” Cleo smiled confidently.
Sorjoy gave a nod and headed off through the church heading towards a small room at the back of the church.
Cleo turned to the usher, “where is the bride’s dressing room?”
The usher lifted an eyebrow, “you’re the first to ask… I can’t really…”
Cleo leaned forward, her cleavage pushing upwards as her voice dropped slightly, her manicured fingers moving over the usher’s hand, “I’d really like to see the bride… before she’s ready… in her dressing room… please?” Cleo purred.
The usher swallowed hard and nodded, pointing to a staircase behind him, “u-upstairs, second door on the right.”
Cleo smiled, lifting the man’s hand to hers, and turning his palm over. She kissed his palm softly, eliciting a shiver from the usher, “thanks, sweetie.”
The usher stammered as Cleo walked past him and towards the stairs, undoing a velvet rope and making her way up the spiral staircase.
As Cleo made her way through the hallway she spotted Mimi in a very lovely form-fitting black dress which hugged her bust tightly while displaying her bust prominently. Mimi’s soft blue wings were half spread proudly from the backless dress. The dress continued down her curvy body and stopped at her upper thigh on one side, but ended on her ankle on the other, giving a stunning effect. She stood on her stylish heels, as beautiful as always.
“Mimi,” Cleo said, her smug smile vanishing.
Mimi fixed Cleo with a bemused expression, “It’s poor taste to show up the bride, Cleo,” she placed the pearl end of her obsidian cigarette holder to her full lips and took a deep inhale, as she appraised Cleo slowly. She let a gentle plume of smoke out towards Cleo.
Cleo coughed, waving the smoke away from her face, “Uh, listen, sorry I didn’t tell you I was comin-” Mimi cut Cleo off quickly.
Mimi fixed Cleo with a grin, “no worries, darling. Your boss already paid, so Jasmin gets her cut, but I made sure you got yours too.”
“Mimi I’m not one of your girls anymore, you don’t have to-” Cleo was cut off once more.
“This has nothing to do with our previous agreement, which, I may point out, has yet to bear fruit,” Mimi narrowed her eyes on Cleo.
Cleo narrowed her eyes back, “I told you, you’ll get what you want.”
“Oh, Darling,” Mimi grinned a beautiful, yet predatory smile, “I always get what I want.”
Cleo frowned, unsure how to read Mimi at this moment.
“Teryn is inside, she’ll be happy to see you, and she’s likely not one to care that you’re showing her up,” Mimi smiled, “see you at the ceremony.”
Cleo frowned, “If you see Sorjoy, please-”
“Oh, please, Cleo!” Mimi snapped, “I’m not stupid. I know what to do,” Mimi’s stern gaze locked onto Cleo’s eyes as she descended the spiral staircase.
Cleo heaved a sigh and moved to the dressing room, giving a knock.
Teyrn’s voice chirped from behind the door, “Come in!”
Cleo opened the door, smiling, “hey.”
Teyrn sat in front of a small vanity, reapplying her lipstick one final time. A bright and bold red. She wore a massive dress, white from head to toe, her bust only hidden by a sheer window of sorts which was etched into her otherwise solid white dress.
A bronze hair clip held a veil with diamonds studded throughout it, it was flipped back at the moment. Her long red hair was curled into coils, her red wings shimmering and covered in glitter.
Teryn turned, her eyes going wide, “Pat?!” she shouted, “you made it!”
Cleo had no defense as the buxom red-winged angel leaped up from her seat in front of the vanity and wrapped both her arms around Cleo, Cleo’s face now pressed into Teryn’s expansive cleavage as she was hugged tightly against Teryn’s bust.
“Oh, my Guardian I thought you weren’t going to come!” Teryn exclaimed, her eyes wet.
“Hey!” Cleo gasped, looking up to Teryn, “Don’t get teary-eyed! You’ll ruin your make-up!”
Teryn laughed, “Oh, it’s streak-free, trust me,” she grinned, wiping a tear away delicately. “I thought you weren’t coming!”
“Yeah, well, my boss pissed me off,” Cleo explained.
Teryn grinned, “Is that why you look like a million Lumes?”
Cleo blushed and nodded.
Teryn snickered, “if I wasn’t getting married right now, even I’d want a piece of you,” Teryn gave Cleo a wink.
Cleo’s blush deepened, “I just wanted to say ‘Hi’ and ‘congratulations’ and…” Cleo pursed her lips, “and goodbye.”
Teryn frowned, “yeah… no longer being roomies is going to suck.”
“And I doubt I can show my face around Hoffman’s without Sorjoy so…” Cleo trailed off.
Teryn crossed her arms under her sizable bust, “Excuse me, but if you think that Albert is going to keep me locked up in the house like a caged bird, he has another thing coming!” she grinned. “I have to go to salons, and get my nails done, and ‘keep myself beautiful’. You know what that means?”
Cleo scoffed, “No, what?”
“Girl time!” Teryn winked, “I’m sure you need to go to the salon too! So on your days off, you and I are going to hang out! And, of course, Daddy Albert will be paying for us,” she winked.
“Won’t he be suspicious you’re spending twice as much?” Cleo grinned.
“Like I’ll have a spending limit!” Teryn laughed, stepping back from Cleo.
“Good point,” Cleo looked Teryn over, brushing some of Teryn’s glitter off of her, “Really, Teryn? Even at your wedding?”
Teryn beamed, “The theme was White and Glitter!”
“Glitter isn’t-” Cleo was cut off by Teryn who fixed her with a stern gaze.
“Pat,” Teryn mock said, “Glitter is absolutely a color!” Teryn laughed.
Cleo laughed and hugged Teryn again, “just don’t notice me when you walk down the aisle, okay?”
“Okay!” Teryn grinned, “and I’ll call you for our first Girls Only Spa Day!”
“I’d like that,” Cleo smiled, “I should get down there before my boss figures out I’m missing.”
“Get going,” Teryn winked again, “heart breaker!”
Cleo smiled at Teryn as she headed out of the dressing room and back down towards the spiral staircase.
Cleo headed into the main chamber of the large church and spotted Sorjoy sitting in a pew. She settled next to him, her eyes straight forward, though she could feel Sorjoy’s eyes all over her body.
“Where were you?” Sorjoy asked.
“I had to powder my nose,” Cleo lied, “how is Mr. Hoffman?”
“Braggadocious,” Sorjoy heaved a heavy sigh, clearly agitated.
“Oh?” Cleo asked, “jealous of him?”
“Partially,” Sorjoy said as the lights flickered like a single for everyone to take their seats. “I’m reminded I don’t have anyone.”
Cleo gave a nod, her eyes still ahead, “Erik, I want to remind you-”
“I know, not a date, you’re here professionally,” Sorjoy said. “Though, you’re dressed-”
“I hope I meet your standards for this affair,” Cleo said softly as the music began to play.
Sorjoy cracked a half-smile, “I suppose the saying is true, there’s nothing more dangerous than a wrathful woman.”
The music swelled as Mr. Hoffman and a single groomsman stood up at the right of the altar.
After a few moments, the keys changed and Teryn began to walk down the aisle. She walked alone, but regardless, everyone rose to their feet.
Despite being warned, Teryn couldn’t help but look to Cleo and smile as she walked by.
Cleo felt her stomach sink as Teryn passed her, soon taking her place by the altar.
As Teryn got to the altar the guests sat down once more.
Sorjoy leaned over to Cleo.
Time froze, for Cleo and she was not sure what was about to happen. Whether Sorjoy had figured out the relationship between her and Teryn and Mimi or not.
“I think the bride is agitated that you showed her up at her wedding,” Sorjoy’s voice whispered into Cleo’s ear.
Cleo relaxed slightly, “I’d blame you, sir.”
Sorjoy leaned back, sighing softly, he grumbled under his breath, “and now the most agitating portion of the day.”
Cleo nodded, doing her best to adjust herself as she sat on the seat of the pew.
As Cleo watched the ceremony, she wondered if she would ever find herself in such a position as Teryn did. She glanced at Sorjoy briefly, and he returned her gaze.
Cleo turned from him, paying attention to the priest as he read vows and psalms.
Cleo was determined to make sure everyone was wrong. She was not jealous, she was not interested in Erik Sorjoy.
Shuttle Goodwill
Yuki floated towards the cockpit of the ship, she could feel trepidation from her crewmates, “What’s wrong?”
Issla sighed, “E-barrier in about five minutes.”
Briggett nodded, “I hate this part of the journey.”
“But passing out of the E-Barrier means we get to pass in,” Tarrabetha grinned to them, “and isn’t that just the nicest feeling?!” Tarrabetha encouraged.
Yuki frowned at Issla and Briggett, “how does it feel?”
“It’s like being alone,” Issla explained.
Yuki closed her eyes, feeling Serren, distantly, even now, “so… how do you prepare for it?” Yuki asked.
“Just grit your teeth and think about someone you care about back home,” Briggett turned to Yuki, “and then try and turn that feeling towards us so we don’t go insane.”
Yuki nodded, her eyes closed as she thought of Serren, and smiled softly, almost feeling him right there with her.
“Oh, Serren,” Yuki whispered.
Then, suddenly, as if his presence was snapped away, it was gone.
Yuki gasped, her eyes shooting open. She felt like she did on Dei before she fell. She felt her old concerns coming back, and now her mind raced as she tried to think of a way to get back to Serren.
“Oh, Serren,” Issla mocked, chuckling to Yuki uncharacteristically.
Yuki frowned, “It’s not funny. He’s my mate.”
Briggett sighed, “Issla, pull it back.”
“Whatever,” Issla snapped, “I hate, hate, hate passing e-barrier!” Issla growled, slipping from her seat and floating further back into the ship. “If anyone needs me,” Issla turned to them, glaring at the three, “just don’t need me,” Issla snapped as she turned away, “I’ll be taking inventory in the cargo bay.”
Yuki frowned, feeling contempt and anger from Issla.
Tarrabetha placed her hand on Yuki’s shoulder, her normally happy face morose, “I feel your loss. It’s okay, you’ll be reunited in a few months.”
Briggett nodded, “yeah. In the meantime, if you’re feeling overly stressed, you should sleep. Not good to keep up when you’re stressed out from Empathy deprivation.”
Yuki gave a nod to Briggett and floated towards her sleeping area.
Tarrabetha turned to Yuki with a mournful expression, “It’s okay, it’s just the first-day e-barrier jitters. They’ll pass. Just sleep, it’ll make you feel better.”
Yuki watched as Tarrabetha floated to her sleeping area and pulled a small divider between herself and the main cabin. Her heart broke when she heard Tarrabetha softly whimpering.
Yuki’s heart was aching as well, but she was far more used to this sensation of disconnect than the Niten Dragons were.
That’s when Yuki heard a loud crash from the cargo hold. She pushed herself through the hallway and past the bulkhead that was dividing the living quarters and the cargo hold.
There Issla had a large container she was striking with her claws.
Yuki could feel Issla’s anger surging through her, but did her best to push past it, floating towards Issla. “Hey, what did that thing ever do to you?” Yuki tried to joke.
“Shut up angel girl!” Issla snapped, glaring at Yuki.
Yuki, once again, felt fear grip her as Issla’s reptilian eyes locked on hers.
Issla’s entire body was in an aggressive stance. Her wings were flared out, her tail was stiff and her claws, even her toe claws, were flexing as her lip lifted in a snarl, showing her sharp predatory teeth.
Yuki steeled herself, “Issla, listen, I get it.”
“Do you?!” Issla roared, “I can’t feel anyone!” Issla shouted.
Yuki floated to the bulkhead and closed the door tightly.
“Why did you do that?” Issla glared.
Yuki sighed, “Tarrabetha is trying to sleep,” Yuki said, “and you are loud.”
Issla’s snarl went down slightly, “Sorry.”
“You know,” Yuki began, pushing herself towards Issla using multiple hand-holds throughout the cargo bay, “I can’t feel my mate anymore,” Yuki lamented, “it feels awful.”
Issla hugged herself, turning from Yuki, anger still on her face.
“Who do you miss?” Yuki asked.
“My sister,” Issla said, “and her mate. We live together, one big happy family,” Issla growled, “it’s annoying, but the love I feel for her makes me feel better about being there. When I’m here? I think about how it sucks living with them, helping her care for my niece.”
“Why do they need your help?” Yuki asked.
“Hunting accident,” Issla sighed, “her mate is disabled and so is she. They can’t fly, can barely walk, so it’s up to ‘Auntie Issla’ to get them everything they need.”
Yuki smiled, “you hate yourself for feeling that way, don’t you?”
Issla turned to Yuki, narrowing her eyes on her, “what?”
“I know the feeling,” Yuki forced a weak smile, “when my father was dying? His heart was failing and he kept getting weaker. He needed my help more and more and…” Yuki sighed, “I hated it.”
Issla’s gaze softened.
“It’s natural to feel resentment having to care for someone day in and day out, it’s not something that you need to beat yourself up over,” Yuki smiled, “my father told me that.”
Issla grumbled, “It’s not their fault, I just… when I feel their gratitude and love it’s just… muffled.”
Yuki laughed, “yeah, love does that, right?”
“I guess,” Issla sighed, “how are you handling this so well?”
Yuki’s smile finally left her, “Well, I’ve felt this before.”
“When you left Dei?” Issla asked.
Yuki shook her head, “No, it was long before that.”
“Well, when was it?” Issla pressed further.
“We don’t feel each other on Dei like you do on Nite,” Yuki began, “but we do love. We do feel emotion. Emotion from ourselves for others.”
“So you lost a connection with someone else?” Issla asked.
Yuki nodded, “yes, my… my first mate,” Yuki smiled wistfully.
“What happened? Did he die?” Issla queried, now her attention rapt on Yuki’s story.
“No,” Yuki shook her head, “but my feelings for him did. One day, just… as he left for work I said ‘I love you,’ and he said ‘I love you too’, but there was nothing to it. It was mechanical, practiced, rehearsed, and… well… empty.”
Issla gave an understanding nod.
“I remember our first ‘Goodbye’ and ‘I love you,’” Yuki smiled, her eyes leaking. “My first mission, he came to see me off. And, well… my son was just a baby,” Yuki was forced to dab the tears from her eyes as they collected around her eyes in zero gravity.
“How old was he?” Issla asked.
“Just 5 or 6,” Yuki smiled, “and Aphod… he was beside himself, trying to hold back tears while I did the same. I remember holding him tightly and the two of us kissing as we’d never see each other again when in reality it was only going to be six months.”
“That is a long time,” Issla pointed out.
Yuki gave a nod, “I remember when that kiss broke and he said ‘I love you,’ it made my heart leap out of my chest. I was a mess as I had to get into the launcher. Even when I strapped in I looked to the window and I gave a wave, hoping they’d see me. Of course, that got a laugh from my crewmate, Jax. He told me no one could see me outside of the launch crew and asked me who I was waving at.”
Issla’s anger had subsided now, as her tail swished back and forth in the air curiously.
“My husband and son were cleared from the area and I was shot off on my first mining mission,” Yuki frowned, “but that day, I’ll always remember. That hollow moment inside me when ‘I love you’ didn’t mean anything from him anymore.”
Issla frowned, “do you think he felt the same?”
“I don’t know,” Yuki looked towards the crew section of the ship, “I guess I’ll find out soon enough.”
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2020.10.25 20:40 yungswell I was laid off from my job in March and my boss has still not paid out my commission. He will not budge despite my recent confrontation.

I used to work for a trade show company in California. My company would rent out venues, sell exhibition slots to vendors, sell tickets to hundreds of interested buyers, and hold events where small business owners could promote their business and attendees could shop. I won’t reveal the specific industry for obvious privacy reasons.
This was a very small company consisting of my boss, myself, and handful of other employees. My job was to contact vendors and sell them exhibition slots to participate in our trade shows with the promise of them getting to meet a whole bunch of new clientele. Along with a salary, my pay included commission on each sale I made, paid out after each event was held. If a salesperson left, their commission for future shows was paid out in full upon their leaving. I’m sure some of you can tell where this is going.
In March, when COVID mandates compromised all of our events that I had been selling exhibition slots for, my boss made the following changes: All events would be reschedule to a later date. We would give no refunds, only offer to move their exhibition to said later dates. We would transition the trade shows to online in the meantime.
This transition proves to be difficult. After a few weeks of extremely stressful customer service, in late March I got the call from my boss that I knew was coming, informing me me that he could no longer afford to keep me on payroll. HE ALSO SUGGESTED THAT MY COWORKERS AND I APPLY FOR UNEMPLOYMENT, CONTINUE TO WORK FOR THE COMPANY, AND THEN RECEIVE BACK PAY ONCE THINGS PICKED BACK UP. I declined this offer immediately. More importantly, my boss informed me that commission couldn’t be paid to me at the moment, and that I would receive it at a later date. He also specifically ensured me, “it’s your money, you will receive it.”
Even after leaving the position, which was honestly a relief, I received countless calls from old clients saying they couldn’t reach my boss, were out of the loop as far as new events were going, wanted money back, etc. All I could do was give them the contact info of my coworkers and boss and keep on my job hunt.
Fast forward seven months and I have received none of the aforementioned commission. I texted my old boss a few days ago and asked on the status of commission payment, noting that I would love it by the end of the year so I don’t have to apply it to 2021 taxes. He responded saying that the company has no revenue and that they will be shutting down soon, making commission impossible. Jesus Christ. I don’t know exactly how much I am owed, but I suspect it to be somewhere in the 700-1200 dollar range.
My immediate response was to ask if all of my clients had been fully refunded. As my commission is dependent on my sales, which are dependent on my clients receiving exhibition slots at the shows they were promised, I understand this is difficult. So, if all of my clients HAVE been refunded in full due to cancellation of events, it’s clear I don’t get my commission, which I accept. Here’s where things get extremely suspicious:
When I asked my boss if all of my clients had been refunded, here is his verbatim text response: “No but the money has been used in staff payments. Just like any small business, We are all about cash flow. Once the cash flow stopped, we were unable to pay staff. We will be hosting the shows next year assuming we are allowed. We can discuss your commission then. I have given refunds to a lot of vendors already. I just don’t know how many are yours. Unfortunately nothing in contracts (in general not only the one you signed) can be applied anymore because of Covid as this is a pandemic and is impacting every single person. However let’s talk about your commission next year.”
SO, I know for sure that not all of my clients have been refunded, and likely will not be, assuming they are promised later events. This means that he has simply pocketed the full amount of some of my clients’ payments and is in fact actively withholding commission from me. He’s also on record (via my text messages) denying me payment of my commission.
ALSO, looking back, my boss has a history of shady business practices. Allow me to elaborate: I was initially brought on as a 1099 independent contractor despite working five days a week from roughly 9-5. I was later made a full W-2 employee in early 2020. Our pricing structure was entirely arbitrary. My boss would eyeball quotes for exhibition slots despite all of them being exactly the same (an 8x10ft space with a foldable table to decorate). He would up prices based on feeling out what people were willing to pay. Our website would frequently falsely advertise. My boss would send out ad materials claiming our events had 900 attendees when really they had an average of about 200.
I have quite a few questions here, and if you gotten this far, THANK YOU. I realize this is a bit of a doozy: 1. All employees pre covid had their commission paid out in full before the events that they sold slots at occurred. This was never an issue until now, obviously. What is my legal standing here? Is my boss allowed to wait until said events happen to pay me? 2. It’s totally illegal to request I work for free and then back pay right? Like super illegal? I know one of my coworkers took this offer and continues to work for my boss. 3. The thing he said about contracts being void due to covid is like, extremely false, right? Like right out of his ass? 4. What can I do to put pressure here? Any reports I can make? I’m also concerned that some vendors aren’t getting refunds that want them. 5. The contract I signed upon hire entitles me to a certain percentage of each sale I make. I absolutely have access to this contract, though I don’t know the details of if it says anything about cancelled shows or refunds. Any key words or phrasing I should look for? How valuable is this contract? 6. Given everything I’ve said, how legal was this whole operation in the first place?
If anyone cares, I have since found another job with benefits that actually pays well and on time. It’s a great feeling. I can easily survive without the commission but I passionately believe that I am owed it, (what hasn’t been fairly refunded to my old clients at least) and am looking to pursue this on principal. Any and all help is appreciated!
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2020.10.25 20:37 Termehh [H] Games - [W] Cyberpunk 2077

[H] Games - [W] Cyberpunk 2077

Not interested in any other Humble Monthly/Choice games, indie bundles or PayPal, sorry!
Happy to go first if you have rep/evidence of trade history. If you have no history/rep or recognised trades then you will need to go first. Games can either come in humble gift links or steam keys.
April & June Humble Monthly (Minus Barotrauma, Hellblade, Hitman 2)
October 2020 all 12 Choices
September 2020 all 12 Choices
August 2020 all 12 Choices
July 2020 all 10 choices
Train Valley 2
Fluffy Horde
Regular Human Basketball
Sword Legacy Omen
11-11 Memories Retold
Rise of Industry
Swords of Ditto
Heave Ho
Mo: Astray
Chess Ultra
Book of DEmons
Okami HD
Shenzhen IO
Project Warlock
The Hex
Night Call
My Friend Pedro
Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark
Battle Chasers
Exa Punks
Death's Gambit
AI war
Street Fighter V
Bad North Jotunn Edition
Whispers of a Machine
Mages of Mystralia
Grip + DLC
Ancestors Legacy
Phantom Doctrine
Dead in Vinland
Horizon Chase Turbo
Dark Future: Blood Red States
XMorph Defense
Aegis Defenders
Desert Child
BATTLETECH (With Flashpoint, Shadow Hawk Pack)
AC: Origins
Avernum 3
Shenmue 1 and 2
Planet Alpha
The Spiral Scouts
God's Trigger
Guacamelee 2
God's Trigger
Shady Knight
State of Mind
Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered
Yoku's Island Express
Almost There: The Platformer
The Adventure Pals
Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon
Surviving Mars
60 Parsecs!
Love is Dead
NAIRI: Tower of Shirin
Road Redemption
Warhammer 40k: Mechanicus
911 Operator
Pool Panic
Do Not Feed the Monkeys
Finding Paradise
I'm Not a Monster
Monster Prom
She Remembered Caterpillars
Steel Rats
Earth Defense Force 4.1 (And All DLC except shadow of new despair)
Fight'N Rage
Late Shift
Bleed 2
Full Metal Furies
Rapture Rejects
Super Daryl Deluxe
Darkside Detective
Regions of Ruin
Mega Man Legacy Collection
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
Purrfect Date
The Dwarves
Hard Reset Redux
Dungeons 3
Gremlins, Inc
Hidden Folks
Old Man's Journey
Battle Chef Brigade
Zombie Night Terror
Forged Battalion
Pathologic Classic HD
Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition
Serial Cleaner
Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom
Acceleration of SUGURI 2
Bear with Me: Collector's Edition
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!
Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth
Crazy Machines 3
Moon Hunters
NBA Playgrounds
AER Memories of Old
Lara Croft GO
Laser League
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2020.10.25 18:55 pretzel-gal Why does everyone on this sub hate Tara so much? She was one of the only level headed characters in the show. Gemma was the real evil.

Jax’s children were headed for horrible lives full of neglect and violence if she were to stay and she knew this. Doesn’t matter if you like Jax as a character or were rooting for the club, because regardless of those things, him, the club, and Gemma would have been absolutely shit parents if Tara didn’t take them away from Charming. This can especially be seen later on in the series in the scene where Abel starts acting out in school and Gemma raves about how therapy is “horrible” and will apparently “only mess him up more” which is so incredibly false as Abel is a child who has experienced an incredibly traumatic life at such a young age.
Not to mention the fact that Tara also literally gave everything she had to Jax and the club and all they did to repay her was continually fuck her over and trap her to stay. She keeps expressing to Jax that they have to leave for the kids best interest, and Jax selfishly brushes off her concerns time and time again for the club over his family and pushes back their leaving date every time until it ends up never happening. She gave up her medical license, her career, her mobility, and eventually her life, as well as she was also violently assaulted and kidnapped multiple times.
Idk I just feel like everyone in the show (and in the audience) did Tara SO dirty. She gave up a beautiful life of a big house with a successful $100K+/yr career as a surgeon for Jax and the club. And they repay her by downplaying her concerns and treating her like shit. And she’s the bad guy when she’s had enough and does two shady things in attempt to do better for herself and her family? Compared to the oodles of straight up violence, torture, and cold-blooded killing that all the other main characters do - Jax and Gemma in particular. And everyone kn this sub seems to agree that what Tara does is so much worse?? I don’t understand the logic here. It seems like a double standard.
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2020.10.25 12:04 anonymouspigeon2 Why am i so mentally obsessed with someone who isn’t a good person?

I’m a 24 year old guy.
Last year I was dating a girl. Not for too long but for around 2 months.
It’s a very long story. But when I think of her, I struggle to think of many good things to say about her. Other than her looks, which still weren’t the best ever, and confidence, she was a terrible person.
All she cared about was money and status, she was arrogant, insecure, had no class, would talk about other guys she fucked all the time, would put me down, all she did was talk about herself. I wasn’t even allowed to bring her to chain restaurants. My clothes were apparently tacky. She was shady, hot and cold, lied to me about seeing other people.
She was just awful. She even called me obsessed with her for trying to discuss things and make them work. She called me immature, my feelings were ‘annoying’. I can’t think of anything nice to say about her.
But even with all this. I can’t stop thinking about her. I’m confused why she couldn’t accept that I wasn’t looking to be just friends and got hurtful. She just blamed me for everything and I don’t know why. I can’t tell if I miss her or not.
Why can’t I stop thinking about her??
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2020.10.25 11:58 captaiincomplain Everyone is so fucking shallow

This is more of a rant than anything, but I've tried. I've tried and tried and nothing worked. And this is genuinely not a me problem, it's a societal issue where I'm from.
Almost everyone I've met in my country has the mentality of "befriend useful people. Do not trust anyone. Get rid of anyone who isn't useful to you and keep your relationships shallow". A lot of people here are indeed very shallow, in every way possible, and want to stay that way. A lot of people also hold harmful beliefs and I fundamentally disagree with a lot of the things people around me do or say or believe in. I live in a third world Muslim country, so you can imagine life here isn't that great in general let alone things like socializing and whatever.
I have tried to find normal, well adjusted and mature human beings who are just fucking normal. Not "normal" as in psychologically, not exactly, but just someone who doesn't steal, lie, do shady shit, use me (lord knows this has happened my entire life and any time someone couldn't use me, I was all alone), someone who doesn't have ulterior motives and just someone to love and care for and vice versa. I've really really fucking tried.
All I was met with was disappointment. I've been used like I never was before, for things I never thought I'd be taken advantage of for. I've fell into many traps of people just wanting popularity, many many many people wanting me to help them out with uni assignments etc, wanting to hook up with people I know and so they use me to get to them, wanting to flirt with and date me just so they can use me for uni help, people who look at me weird for opening up about my abusive home life and my mental health issues despite me thinking they were my friends, people being fake nice to me and I'd assume I'd finally made a friend then the demands start rolling in, people using me for money and so on.
Currently I have time off between semesters and no one is messaging me unless they want something. I tried to talk this out with a few friends and everyone has the same mentality and gave me the same answers. Be shallow, don't talk about your personal life with anyone, only talk to people you benefit from and forget about anyone who hurt you that doesn't benefit you and move on.
I can have mutually beneficial relationships just for studying together but that, to me, is very clear from the get go. I don't mix personal with professional at all and I don't mind forming relationships of this kind. However, when a person is supposed to be my friend, why would I give a fuck about material benefits? Why would I care if they benefit me for studies or money or connections or whatever else? There's a difference between friendship and what people around me are describing.
I've honestly given up. No one fucking talks to me anymore. I'm always the one trying to keep the friendship alive. No one cares. Almost everyone I know has taken advantage of me and I feel like a worn out glove. I know for sure this is a problem where I live only, because people from other countries and other cultures that I talked to online growing up have been nothing but kind, supportive and loving. I can't wait till I immigrate because I genuinely have not met 1 single person who would even compare to the people I've met online. Surely there are shitty people everywhere but there's less of the bullshit that happens where I live in many other countries.
I am all alone. And I will be all alone till I can leave the country. In life generally we are all on our own, but fucking damn it we are supposed to find people who are there for us and we are there for them. People to care for and people who care for us. Someone to help with the pressure of this already difficult and fucked up life.
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2020.10.25 07:24 ZestySocks I [24M] don’t know how to respond/react to my GF’s [28F] behavior

We’ve been dating for a year and a half now and I would say overall I’ve been a good BF. Yes there’s the occasional arguments and I’ll maybe say some asshole thing, but other than that I treat her well and care for her and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. Yet I can’t do some stuff without feeling like I’m being interrogated and treated as if I was being shady in some sort of way. She does other things apart from this, that just make me want to scream sometimes but this is one of the things that happens the most.
Sometimes when we’re out shopping or something we’ll end up going to the restroom at the same time. I take like 30 seconds to a minute longer than she does and once Im out its: “why did you take so long?” “what were you doing in there?” “Were you just sitting on your phone like you always do?” And Im just like speechless like “wtf????”
Another thing she did once which was just weird, we were at her place watching a movie and she walked away to get a snack and use the restroom, so I browse reddit. She walks back and was like “what are you doing?? Why do you always switch apps whenever I walk in?” I was again like wtf? And told her I was just on reddit and she claimed to know I switched apps cuz of the way my thumbs moved....WHAT??? After that she was like upset and being weird for a bit.
She does things like that always questioning me why I put my phone away or “try to hide text messages from her” if she’s near me I just don’t use my phone a lot cuz my attention is on her so I put it away and sometimes yea she walks in as soon as I finish responding to a friend so I put it away and it bothers her. I get her being insecure and having fears due to past relationships but I’ve showed her time and time again that I’m not like her previous BFs.
The one thing that upset me kind of a lot was the fact that I recently bought a new DSLR because I wanted to get back into photography and I could never afford one of those cameras. A lot of my photos were landscape style stuff. I mentioned to her that I wanted to practice portraits so maybe I can do something on the side for money with photography cuz I was reading stuff about what you could do with that. She immediately started with the questions asking me if I’m only doing it so I can take pictures of girls and she doesn’t want me to do that stuff cuz girls are the main people who want pictures taken of themselves and guys only get into portrait style photography to take pictures of girls....
Its gotten to the point where I just don’t mention certain things around her anymore or even use my phone when we’re spending the day together. I don’t like texting friends back because she’s nosey and she tends to just treat me as if I want attention from other girls or something. It feels like me having girl friends also bothers her and its just starting to get old and I have no idea how to respond to the way she reacts because when I try, she gets upset. Its hard to confront certain behaviors of hers not just this because it just turns into an argument. I just have no idea what to do..
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2020.10.25 04:18 AshasToDust How can I (21F) become comfortable with the friendship between my boyfriend (21M) and his ex girlfriend (20F)?

Hello, I need help with accepting and not feeling threatened/insecure with my boyfriend’s friendship with his ex girlfriend. We’ve fought a lot about it, which has become seriously unhealthy for both of us and our relationship. Talking about it with him at this point causes him frustration, so I’m feeling stuck and am looking for what course of action to follow next.
Me and my bf have been together exclusively for 3 years, this is both of our longest relationships and we’re currently living together. This girl was his most recent ex girlfriend; they had dated twice for about a few weeks both times, both ended by him because he said she was mean. She reached out to him and they became friends 2 years ago, so they’ve been friends for some time. A few weeks ago he told me their texting frequency was almost daily, but I’m unsure if this has changed or not. They have hung out in person maybe 5 or 6 times since becoming friends again.
I feel uncomfortable with their friendship both because I have jealous/insecure tendencies, but also because of the nature of it. Every time (genuinely) they’ve hung out were when he was angry with me. Some examples: she took him for a car ride to cool off after we had a fight, he’s made plans with her during times he admittedly was pissed/unhappy with me, he invited her over twice while we were on a break from living together). My most recent gripe was when he invited her over while we were on the break from living together. The break was for five days and they hung out twice; he had hurt his leg, so she came over to help him patch it up, then came over another time and watched TV with him. He only lets me know about their plans after they’ve already hung out, which I’d rather prefer to know beforehand so it doesn’t feel like a surprise. There were a couple times they made plans that I only knew from seeing his texts (I’ve looked through his phone before which is wrong but we’ve discussed this). I also saw that he’s talked about me before to her when he was upset with me. I’ve never met her, but I’ve met and frequently hang out with his other friends (they’re all male if that makes a difference). He made plans for all three of us back in February, but she ended up cancelling because she knew I was a little insecure of her, and she felt too anxious to meet me. Their relationship feels mysterious to me. I dislike how little I know of it, and I dislike how he goes to see her only when he’s mad with me behind my back.
Their friendship is something I worry about constantly, about every day, even when nothing about her comes up. It is an obsessive unhealthy worry. Sometimes I wake up immediately anxious. There are little things that trigger me which stirs up strong emotions. I’ve had dreams about them. I have constant anxiety about what their bond is like, with thoughts such as “do I measure up to her, is she superior to me, will he begin to like her more than me? Is their friendship well-intentioned, should I be worried?” I’m embarrassed of feeling this way. I don’t want to be an annoying insecure girlfriend anymore.
I’ve told my therapist and three of my friends the situation and they all said it sounds shady. However, my boyfriend assures that he has no feelings for her and that there is no competition, he is in love with me and wants a future with me. I don’t want to jump to conclusions or be controlling, but I also don’t want to feel so unhappy with this setup anymore. I want to be with my boyfriend, but I’m at a loss for what I can do to make this situation the most comfortable?
I have considered texting her to try to make plans for all three of us again or just to get to know each other, but I’m unsure if this is the best course of action (she is nervous of me so idk if that’s too pushy) or how to even go about doing that. Any input on how to feel more secure in this situation or what actions to take would help both me and my relationship greatly. Thank you so much for reading (this is my first post so sorry if it’s too long or jumbled up!)
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2020.10.25 01:48 QuietActuator9412 The truth.

Long post alert but worth the read. Hey guys. So I recently went through serious narcissistic abuse and domestic abuse. My ex is currently in this group running his smear campaign on me because I closed the door and made damn sure he couldn’t talk to me or get his supply from me. So here’s my story. This guy from the moment I met him was love bombing and lying to me about everything, especially who he was. He did his research on me and pretended to be exactly what I was looking for. Claimed to love his 3 kids so much and they were his world so I couldn’t believe my gut would be telling me to run from him when he seemed like such a good guy. I gave him a chance and I started to notice the mask immediately have cracks in it. He said he wasn’t a man whore who hits on everyone or a drunk like everyone has said and I started to see the truth. He showed me a conversation once bc part of the love bombing was saying he had been trying to talk to me for months or get the opportunity to. I didn’t believe him so he forced me to read a conversation between him and a friend. I scrolled one message too far and he stated, a week before he met me, that he was stood up but picked up the loaded banging 40 something year old next to him and he walked her to her car and she attacked him and started groping him. Now this didn’t sound like the sweet non man whore guy he pretended to be and I am financially stable as well so I was like oh shit. I’m about to be a sugar momma again... so I got scared. He pressed the love bombing harder so I looked past it. He said it was just “guy talk.” So we started dating. I kept catching him in lies because his story didn’t make sense. He told “friends” to whip their tits out” and had other inappropriate comments to them so I was like Yoh know what. I don’t think you are who you say you are and I tried to break up with him. He held me down on the bed and pretended to cry and I gave him a chance. He promised to stop lying by never did. He always lied and I always caught him. So he logged himself in on my phone into fb messenger so I could see he wasn’t talking shit about me (which he was) or saying inappropriate things to other women. What really happened was he just stopped talking to those “friends” and blamed me saying I forced him to do it. He was extremely shady and lied to me when I told him from the beginning I needed honestly. Brutal honesty and he never gave me that. He told me he loved me in two weeks and would beg me to Come over every day after work and stay lake and when he didn’t have his kids, expect to stay at my place because he lived with his dad and I couldn’t spend the night there. Even the first day he asked me out he pressured me to let him stay the night for two nights. He ended up convincing me to move in after a month of dating (and lying and cheating on me) and convinced me to pay for half of all bills even though it was him his 3 kids. Including food I didn’t eat. He also bought me an engagement ring around the same time to further the love bombing. After a month of living together he got a really weird and inappropriate text from an older lady he did wok for and I asked him if she normally does that. He said no and that it was weird. So I said maybe you should tell her to keep it professional and he flipped out! He started yelling and acting threatening by towering over and giving me this death stare like I dare you to Try me bitch. I told my my previous abuse ex gave me that look and he was scaring me and he said “he ain’t got shit on me.” And I instantly went into ptsd from it. I started yelling that he was just like him and I’m done being treated like shit, etc and he kept storming into my face and towering over me and balling his fists so I pushed him out of my face a few times. We broke up for a couple days but still lived together and he harassed me for those few days. Saying how his other exes were better than me and laughing at me. Even called his fuck buddy and told another friend “the couch is as hard as my dick.” Again being inappropriate but we talked and worked it out. Things were ok, besides he still lied. Caused fights to get away with his lies and bs and gaslighting and neglecting me till October he flipped out because his kid made him some bs and he moved out for 3 weeks with an EX. I asked him many times if anything happened with her and he denied it. I didn’t get the truth out till after he assaulted me and broke my nose. After he moved back in it was the same. I was submissive. Doing anything he wanted while he lied and acted inappropriate and neglected me. I was never allowed to talk about anything or my feelings bc it was “bullshit.” He acted like I kept him from his friends but would deny any invites they extended and blame me when I had no idea about them. I did whatever he wanted. Cooked. Cleaned. Took his kids to school. Laundry. Paid for half all bills. Never denied him. And spoke in his love language while mine was stupid. (Quality time and conversation was mine). He then one night when we got in a fight punched me in the chest and leg and claims I was hitting him. I have video evidence and I was just laying there. He also threw ice cold water on me in bed. Shortly after that we went to a theme park and I was holding onto him in the quick river thing and some barely legal life guard comes out and he shoved me off of him And turns around to stare at her. I was like wow. That’s fucked up so I didn’t say anything. Got out of the river and he tried to pretend like he didn’t do shit. I didn’t say anything about it but he brought it up later. We left and he had told me that I’m Christmas Eve while I was working, he was gonna wait for me and just play video games. Then turns out he wanted to go to the theme park with his kids without me. I was getting off early and told him day 1 I don’t wanna have to fight for my place ever again. I wanna feel like I’m a part of the family. Not just some random person hanging around. He said that wouldn’t happen but here it was happening. On a major holiday. I wanted to spend time as a family and make memories together. In reality he just wanted to meet up secretly with the women he was saying inappropriate shit to without me there. He had already been making sure to do as little as possible with me and neglecting me and my needs and the relationship while I took care of him. I finally had had enough. We argued all the way home and he told me to get the fuck over it he can do whatever the fuck he wants (which he had told me many times in the relationship) and refused to see that all I wanted was to spend time as a family. Be apart of the family he said I was apart of. But he had ulterior motives so that didn’t matter to him. He left to chili’s for 3 hours drinking. Came back and I did make a bitchy comment and then I decided I wanted to just go to bed and not drag the fight into the next day and be stonewalled at work again like he had done many times before. He refused to talk and just calm down. It’s like he wanted to fight. He locked himself in the bedroom with my ESA & he had previously been abusive to his dog and had my phone in there as well so I was worried about my dog. So I tried to just bang on the door and make a bunch of noise so he couldn’t sleep and open the door but it was a trailer door so it broke and I used the hole to get in and check on my dog. But I was being affectionate and he ended up claiming I was trapping him in the room but my back was to the door. So he pinned me there with his elbow and strangled me. I broke free and he trapped me in a corner and punched me about 20 times leaving many bruises including one that looked like his fist. I peed myself I was so scared and he kept screaming to hit him, hurt him, and shoot him. I didn’t wanna hurt the person I loved so I pushed him away from me but yelled at him for hitting me like he promised he wouldn’t do. He picked me up and tried to throw me out the door. He pinned my head against a door with his and put a hole In the wall by doing so. He finally stopped and I looked at him and told him to get the fuck out and he head butted me and broke my nose. I went to the hospital and when I got back he said he couldn’t see a future without me and apologized. Even sent it in text. I gave him a chance but the next two days he treated me like ass. And in those 3 hours at chilis was talking inappropriately to other females again and I called him out on it again. So I filed a report and he was arrested on two felonies and a misdemeanor. He had his friends tell me he still loved me and wanted us back so I dropped charges. The next 8 months consisted of the same pattern. He would lie about what happened. Smear campaign me. Then post sappy shit. I’d get mad and call him out and tell him to stop posting sappy shit and lying. He’d love bomb me and convince me to Try. He’d get his dick wet and continue to treat me like add then disappear and the cycle would repeat. In between not talking he would hit on any girl. Even 17 year old girls. He also raped me, dragged me with his truck and I got a severe road rash, then assaulted me again and I had to resort to biting him because he had me on his back and was twisting my arms. I was trapped. And he’s 9 inches taller than I am and I had to bite him on his shoulder. He tried to carry me to his house and i struggled to break free and he tried to slam me to the ground. I caught myself but my finger got caught in his keys and he began twisting them and tried to put his knee into my chest. I bit his leg because I was trying to keep him from breaking my finger and him crushing my chest with his knee. He eventually got on top of my and open palm hit me in the side of the head because he didn’t wanna leave marks. He said he was going to call the cops and I said good. They’d love to see what you’ve done to me and he jumped off me and ran somewhere. I jumped up to try to get to my car but because my back neck and shoulders were strained and the base of my skull had swelling I later found out, I fell back into the door. I called the cops and so did he and I filed a restraining order. He was served and he got mad I took access to me away so he filed one in retaliation. Now he consistently lies and smear campaigns me twisting every little detail. Has looked up what makes a narcissist and twist anything and everything (even what was once positive) into a lie to paint me as the abusive narc. Saying he suffered for the time of the relationship when what he’s saying I did, he actually did to me. I’m sick of his lies and stealing my pain and calling it his own. I did everything for him. He didn’t do anything for me. I even have an email from June of him saying he needs me and I always did good by him. Yet he claims I was so bad. Is this normal?! So a narc to not get his way and access to their supply to switch literally every detail around and take irrelevant shit that was either a joke or positive and twist it to paint me as crazy or the narc? I’m really struggling and he’s posted in this group before and is still in it so I wanted to put the truth out there. And hopefully get some help. Because this smear campaign is really messing with me. Because I hate being accused of something I didn’t do. I would never lie about something so serious and I have pics and medical bills of all my Injuries and even videos of him punching me in bed and raping me. How can he deny SOLID evidence when all he had is a few bite marks and in the same sense. If that was me attacking him. Why would I be that close? All the way up on his shoulders when I can’t reach (I’m super short) and why would a grown ass person bite? I also wouldn’t fuck uo my record because I value having a clean one so I damn sure wouldn’t assault someone. So can someone help me wrap my mind around how someone can do this and feel no guilt and continue to play victim? And how anyone can believe him even after seeing my injuries? I can show you the pics if you’re curious.
And now he’s leaking my only fans content and says I have no morals for having one but he tried to make one and it failed.
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2020.10.25 00:19 KingTyson27 [S] King's Survivor: Edge of Extinction

Since the first season, King's Survivor has brought many twists, turns, and unique styles of gameplay. Now, 14 new contestants, plus 4 returning faces will battle it out, to see whether new faces or familiar ones will be better at Survivor. Inez, Nick, SS, and Claire are about to face off against 14 new players, and each other. The new twist this season will be the Edge of Extinction: every person that's voted out gets sent there for a chance to get back into the game. This season will feature the largest jury to date, and one player will become the Sole Survivor, who will it be this time?
Kama Tribe:
Belinda "Bertha" Matthews, 43, Lunch Lady, u/AngolanDesert
Bertha has grown up being made fun of for her looks, which is something she can’t control. This has hardened her and turned her into the strong woman she is today. Now, she serves middle schoolers during lunch time. She’ll do anything to get this money.
Gideon Crane, 23, Cashier, u/ClayTAnderson
His parents disowned him when he was 16 and has spent some years in juvenile detention after somewhat being falsely accused of murder. He is really a good person until other people mislabeled him and that's what made him (somehow) bad. Underneath this dark persona, is a chivalrous guy who's determined to take on challenges.
Inez Sabrillo, 24, Millennials Vs Gen X & Game Changers, 2nd & 16th, u/swoldow
Joseph "Joe" Vorobyov, 24, Infantryman, u/Twig7665
Joe was once a respectful young man who decided to sign up for the military rather than to go to college. He served four years in the military, and was taken out of combat due to a severe injury to his leg. After his time in combat, he was never the same. Now he is an alcoholic, and shows little to no emotion most of the time, and when he is showing emotion, it's because of a PTSD flashback. He's gonna go on Survivor to prove that he can win and to spread awareness for PTSD.
Kendra Laslow, 28, Microbiologist, u/ghetra
Kendra is very bright and focused, sometimes too focused. She is very dedicated to her work as a microbiologist and can sometimes hyper-focus on this and put her personal life on the back burner. She doesn't feel the need for too much of a social life, and because of that she can sometimes be awkward. Despite this, she isn't necessarily shy and is very confident in herself. She doesn't care what others think of her, and sometimes because of this she can't get a good read on people.
Nick Nolan, 33, Nicaragua, 5th, u/SilverOwl24
Ryan Brown, 27, Software Engineer, u/asiansurvivorfan
He was adopted at birth and was raised with 5 other siblings. He is extremely grateful towards his adoptive family and wants to thank them by winning. Unfortunately, he faced a lot of racism growing up due to being raised by a white family in a very conservatively white city, but he managed to impress most of his tormentors with his intelligence. Though very smart, Ryan is pretty reserved and wants to use this as an experience to test his social skills.
Tina Greyham, 60, Bus Driver
Tori Kane, 27, Music Producer, u/TDSwaggyBoy
Tori always had a passion for music and natural talent, and by the time she turned 14 she had already known how to play on almost 9 different instruments. She always wanted to become either a singer, a member of a band or just do something in the music industry. And lo and behold, she became a music producer for some of the bigger known artist. And she's only 27! Tori's already high up in the sky! And now, she wants to take on a brand new challenge. She always manages to overcome EVERYTHING, so this should be a piece of cake to her!
Manu Tribe:
Chad Kruger, 19, College Student
Claire Watkinson, 33, Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers, 4th, u/Twig7665
Genevieve "Gen" Meza, 25, Pop Singer, u/ClayTAnderson
Gen always had in herself the star quality, she's just too afraid to showcase it. Her talent blossomed back in college where she sang in an open night. Now, she's ready for her first big break into stardom by joining a reality show.
Karl Pearson, 42, Gardener, u/TDSwaggyBoy
Karl has always loved the outdoors. He's a very outdoorsy kind of guy, loving adventures of all kind. As a kid, Karl was always a bit of an oddball and an off-beat. Despite it, however, he always managed to surround himself with a good, close group of friends. Karl is an only child, and his mom sadly passed away a short while after he was born. Ever since a young age he had to work in order to help his dad with paying their bills and taking care of their house, which made him quite responsible, surprisingly.
Due to his love for adventures, Karl ended up signing up for SURVIVOR and was accepted as he was seen as an interesting character. How well will he fare?
Lynn Hayworth, 28, Cosplayer
Ryder Goulding, 24, Medical Student, u/FabColette
His parents (last season's River is one) are both involved in the medical industry and that made him realize how beautiful and important people's lives. He wants to make a difference in the healthcare of the world so he pursued a career in medicine.
Samuel "SS" Smith, 26, Worlds Apart, 10th, u/Pray_The_Gay_To_Come
Shanna Salva, 36, Stewardess, u/Thisaccountishaunted
She is an airline stewardess and comes from a long line of family members who have lived long and prosperous lives. She's only 36 but still lives and plans every day wisely because she wants as much in a life as she can. As a stewardess, she meets and talks to many people as allowed and has fun while she can with the new places. Secretly, she is growing bored and annoyed of people and wants any chance to outplay them so she can't wait to get on Survivor and win...after she continues pretending to enjoy people.
Victor Lunez, 36, Teacher, u/AngolanDesert
Victor was bullied in school for being the “fat kid”. Now that he’s grown up, he’s become a massive built man to prove those bullies wrong. Victor may look intimidating, but he’s a gentle giant who is very trusting of other people.
Link to Season
Episode 1: The fourteen new contestants are gathered onto a boat and taken to Fiji. Soon, they see another, smaller boat approaching them, containing the tribe captains, revealed to be Inez, Nick, SS, and Claire. They are then told to grab as much stuff as they could off the boat. Tina is able to snag the advantage menu, which can be used to steal a reward, an extra vote, or a preventative idol. She struggles to keep it a secret from her tribe, and people grow suspicious of her. Nick and Inez, feeling like they'll be targeted if they don't stick together, form an alliance with themselves, Bertha, Kendra, and Joe. Nick also talks to Ryan, and the six take control of the tribe, leaving Tori, Gideon, and Tina on the outer. At Manu, SS and Claire attempt to do the same, they get Gen on board, but Ryder forms an alliance with the other six, believing himself to be the defeater of the veterans. Kama wins the first immunity challenge, and Claire, Gen, and SS target Lynn, due to her weakness in challenges. Ryder convinces the other five alliance members to split the votes, with Chad, Karl, and Victor voting for SS, and Ryder, Lynn, and Shanna voting for Gen, and then after the revote, they would all pile the votes onto Gen, seeing her as weaker than SS. At tribal council, Ryder's plan goes exactly as he wanted it to, as Gen, Lynn, and SS tie, and Gen going in the revote in a 5-1 vote.
Episode 2: Claire is able to form a strong bond with Ryder, and Chad has a panic attack, causing people to feel bad for him. Lynn decides to call out her own alliance for what they've done that pissed her off, and it causes her to be kicked out of the alliance. Ryder apologizes to Claire and SS, and the whole tribe can now agree on a public enemy: Lynn. Luckily for her, the Manu tribe wins immunity. At Kama, Gideon talks to Tori, and she realizes that Gideon is actually a really nice guy, despite the dark persona he puts on. Tina picks a fight with Nick, worsening her position in the tribe. Bertha decides, for no reason at all, to leave Nick and Inez's alliance. Then, an alliance with the original five plus Ryan forms because... reasons, I guess. Gideon forms a close bond with Tina, and the two of them try to flip the votes onto Inez, because she was a threat to win in their eyes. Bertha decides to vote for Tori, and the five plus Tori all vote for Tina, and Tina becomes the second person voted out in a 6-2-1 vote.
Episode 3: After a fiasco at tribal council, Gideon tries to look for the idol, but fails and makes himself an even bigger target. Kendra bonds with Ryan very strongly, and Bertha cuts ties with her alliance completely. At Manu, Claire and Ryder bond a bit more, and Karl leaves Ryder's alliance, while a new alliance of Chad, Claire, SS, and Shanna form, with intent on flipping the script on Ryder, if they are able to manage that. Manu loses immunity for the second time, and Lynn tells the whole tribe to vote out Karl for his shadiness. This does not work, and it puts her in an even deeper hole. She doesn't try to save herself, believing herself to be safe. At tribal council, she becomes the third person voted out in a 7-1 vote, and she leaves with an explosive speech and tells the other contestants to start playing the game.
Episode 4: The tribes are informed that a tribe swap will occur. The new Kama tribe consists of Bertha, Joe, SS, Shanna, and Victor. On the new Manu tribe is Chad, Claire, Inez, Ryan, and Tori, while the new Lesu tribe has Gideon, Karl, Kendra, Nick, and Ryder. At Kama, SS, despite being in the majority, looks for an idol, and finds one. He forms a close bond with Joe, and Victor has a major meltdown. At Manu, Chad has a meltdown, leaves his alliance, and threatens to quit the game if he doesn't get what he wants. At Lesu, Ryder finds the idol, and he uses it to build trust with Nick, and it works. Kama and Manu win immunity, sending Lesu to tribal council. Seeing Karl as no longer useful, Nick and Ryder plot to get rid of him, and they get Kendra and Gideon on board as well. At tribal council, Karl is blindsided 4-1.
Episode 5: As Karl arrives onto the Edge of Extinction, the four people there are given a clue to find something. Tina finds an advantage for the re-entry challenge, allowing her to practice for it. Gen finds an extra vote that she can give to any person still in the game, and she decides between Shanna, Claire, and Ryder. Back in the actual game, Shanna impresses the rest of Kama, and SS tries to keep his idol a secret, for shock factor if he decides to play it. At Lesu, nothing of interest happens, and it's a similar story on Manu beach, so when Manu loses both the reward and immunity challenges, Inez tries to blame Chad for not pulling his weight in challenges, despite being very physically fit, and the rest of the tribe has a similar mindset, so at tribal council, Chad is voted out 4-1. Back at camp, Ryan finds an idol, and does his best to keep it a secret from the rest of the tribe. The remaining contestants compete in a reward challenge, where the Manu tribe increases their losing streak and decrease their morale by losing the reward challenge. Shanna decides to flip from her alliance at Kama, turning against Victor. This causes the rest of the tribe, save SS, to want to target her. At the immunity challenge, it is revealed that only one tribe will win immunity, and that tribe is the Manu tribe. At tribal council, Shanna makes a speech, talking about how she's a strategic mastermind and all that, causing the Lesu tribe to turn on her, so SS plays his idol for her, and sends Victor to the Edge in a 2-0 vote.
Episode 6: The remaining 12 castaways are informed of the merge, but there will be a twist. the first six castaways to be voted out will compete in a challenge to return to the game. Tina decides to penalize Gen, since she had that advantage too, and Gen is narrowly beaten out by Karl, which is surprising to the remaining contestants. They merge into the reddish Vata tribe, consisting of Bertha, Claire, Gideon, Inez, Joe, Karl, Kendra, Nick, Ryan, Ryder, SS, Shanna, and Tori. Back at the Edge, Victor, humiliated by his loss, raises his flag to leave the game, causing Chad to see him as a coward. On Vata, Bertha finds the merge idol, causing there to be three idols in play once again. Inez wins the first postmerge immunity challenge, and back at camp, Claire, SS, and Shanna form a new alliance with Tori, Ryder, and Gideon, and they plan to vote out Ryan for being too much of a strategic threat, although Gideon wanted to vote out Joe for being too physically strong to keep in the game. Bertha and Nick bond, and that was exactly what Nick and Joe needed to swing the votes in their favor to take out Shanna, so at tribal council, Shanna is sent to the Edge in a 7-6 vote.
Episode 7: The final 12 compete in a reward challenge, and the group consisting of Claire, Inez, Joe, Nick, Ryan, and Tori win. Back at camp, Gideon starts to be seen as a big threat, and Bertha and SS bond strongly. Bertha also bonds with Inez when she gets back from the reward. Joe wins the second immunity challenge, solidifying his status as a strong challenge competitor. When they get back, the two main targets were Gideon and Karl. Gideon was targeted for being too strong in challenges and too isolated to really help himself, and Karl got targeted for being the Edge returnee. When tribal council occurs, a tie between Karl and Gideon occurs, much to the people who voted Gideon's shock, and Bertha flips on the revote, causing Gideon to be sent packing in a 6-4 vote.
Episode 8: Not knowing who flipped, Ryder interrogates his tribemates, and eventually figures out it was Bertha who flipped. No longer trusting her, he tries to weaken her by getting SS on board to vote out Karl if he does not win immunity. Lo and behold, SS wins immunity, denying Karl of being safe. SS talks to Tori and Claire and asks them to vote with him and Ryder, and they agree to it. Feeling bad for Karl, Ryan risks his life in the game to try and vote with him to take out Tori. Inez, Joe, and Nick, as well as Kendra and Bertha, decide to vote for Ryder after Nick saw that Ryder was trying to flip Ryan to his side. Claire and Nick also form a deal to not vote each other out until only captains remain. At tribal council, Ryder plays his idol for himself, causing Karl to return to the Edge of Extinction in a 4-2 vote.
Episode 9: Karl returns to the Edge, where the other jurors welcome him, but shame him for not going all the way. Shanna finds an advantage for the next immunity challenge and gives it to SS. Back in the actual game. Claire wins the immunity challenge, giving herself a spot in the final nine. Claire and Nick bond some more, and Ryder and Tori also bond. SS forms an alliance with Bertha, who at this point is probably the shakiest ally he could have in this game. Two factions of five form, one having the three Manus (Claire, SS, and Ryder), Tori, and Bertha, and the other having Inez, Joe, Kendra, Nick, and Ryan. At tribal council, Ryan plays his idol to avoid a rock draw, and Tori is voted out 5-0. Back at camp, Claire impresses her tribe. Nick and Bertha, realizing Kendra has just been coasting along, decide they don't want a goat in the final three, so they try targeting her to no avail, as Inez, Joe, and Ryan, along with Kendra, wanted to get Ryder out for being the biggest frontrunner to win the season at this point. Ryan wins immunity, and the Manu three target Inez, knowing how dangerous she could be as a flipper. It is not enough, and Ryder is voted out 4-3-2.
Episode 10: The top eight compete in a reward challenge, and the group consisting of Claire, Inez, Joe, and SS win, and SS tries to make a final four deal with them, which they all agree to at first, but then SS tries to make a pitch to get rid of Ryan, who was probably the most popular guy on the tribe, and they start to object. Then SS tries to get rid of Bertha, and they all think that that's a good plan. He talks to the whole tribe to get rid of Bertha, when in reality, he had no reason to get rid of Bertha, he wanted to get rid of Ryan. After Nick wins immunity, he tells Bertha to play her idol, and to vote Ryan off, and he talks to Claire and asks her to cover the trail by voting for Kendra. At tribal council, Bertha plays her idol, like SS told her to, and Ryan goes to the Edge in a 2-1-0 vote.
Episode 11: Now down to seven players remaining, they get a loved ones visit. SS wins the reward and brings along his allies Bertha and Claire, leaving the Kama four unchecked. Joe forms a bond with Inez, and soon, the Kama four decide to vote out Bertha for betraying them. Joe wins his second immunity challenge, and Nick talks to Claire to flip her from her side, which she agrees. SS is pissed off at the fact that Kendra is doing nothing and will probably have a good shot at making the end, so he targets her. Because Claire flipped, SS and Bertha were down 5-2, and Bertha goes to the jury in a5-2 vote, leaving SS on the bottom.
Episode 12: As Bertha arrives at the Edge, the people on the Edge receive letters from home, and they are overjoyed with this new development. In the real game, Inez wins the reward, and brings along her ideal final three with Joe and Kendra, seeing them as easier to beat. Joe wins his third immunity challenge, and people start to worry about him. SS and Claire have an argument about the latter flipping, causing Nick to see a golden opportunity. He, Claire, and Kendra would vote for SS, while SS, Inez, and Joe would vote for Claire, and he would get Kendra to flip, telling her that she needs to make a big move to win the game, and that plan worked. Claire and SS tie in the votes, Kendra flips, and Claire becomes the last person sent to the Edge.
Finale: The final five walk into a challenge meant for 12- the re-entry challenge. Gen, surprising everyone, returns to the game after being out of it for 32 days. The other contestants welcome Gen back into the game, but all silently agree that she has to go ASAP. This plan is derailed when Gen wins the first immunity challenge of the finale, so SS, the biggest frontrunner, becomes a target after he tries to form an alliance with Gen and Inez, and Inez tells Nick and Joe about it. They then get Kendra on board, and the four of them vote out SS 4-2, once again eliminating a frontrunner from Manu. Back at camp, Gen makes it very clear she was not happy with the way the votes turned out, so she calls out Inez for flipping. This causes the entire tribe to be even more incentivized to vote her out, so when Joe wins his fourth immunity, they all pin their votes onto Gen. Nick also finds an idol, being another person to find an idol on the last day they are eligible to be played. Nick tries to give Gen false hope, saying that Kendra will be voted out instead, but Gen doesn't believe him, and so Gen becomes the thirteenth member of the jury in a 4-1 vote. Now with only Kamas left, the final four feel relieved, but know that only the best player will win. Nick wins immunity, and he is given the task to save someone, and make the other two players do fire, and whoever wins will get a spot in the final three. Because he was so closely aligned with Joe, he decides to save him, despite Joe being widely respected by the jury, and he made Kendra and Inez make fire, which Kendra comes out of victorious. Inez becomes the fourteenth and final juror, and wishes the final three luck while she leaves the game. The final three is Joe, Kendra, and Nick. They each give their speeches, but Kendra kept getting cut off by the jury for being a follower, although Karl feels bad for her and gives her a pity vote. Nick is seen as a massive dick by the jury due to his no holds barred, villainous gameplay, and he almost lost Gen and Claire's votes due to how he played with them. Joe receives the most praise for playing the game and not making it personal, winning a lot of challenges, and for his sob story at tribal council for his PTSD, and the jury awarded him the win in an 8-5-1 vote. He also won the Fan Favorite award for being relatable to veterans who watch the show.
Winner and Fan Favorite: Joseph "Joe" Vorobyov, u/Twig7665
Next season will feature the return of the Blood Vs Water twist, this time with a 24 person cast, the largest in King's Survivor history, and will be the last season before the long-awaited Winners at War season. 12 returning players and their loved ones will battle it out for the prize of one million dollars, and some may even go as far as voting out their own loved ones.
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2020.10.25 00:13 tdothenry123 Internet Provider - Undisclosed Cancellation Fee

Hey guys - new to this but I'm planning on cancelling my plan with my internet provider as I've had frequent disruptions with them. It's not any of the larger internet providers - it's one of those 3rd party provider that connects through the larger providers but do so at a lower rate. Anyways, earlier this year they offered us an upgrade with higher speed and we accepted it over the phone but now when I called to investigate whether we can cancel this plan they said we are locked under a 2 year contract and we would need to pay a cancellation fee of $200 which is ridiculous. We were never informed that we would be signing up for this 2-year contract when we upgraded our plan in June. I did some research into the Internet Code ( but I understand that these rules apply to the larger internet providers but I saw that CRTC does expect everyone to follow these rules. One aspect in particular that caught my eye is that when we sign up over the phone, they are required to send us a contract within 15 days from the date we agreed to the upgrade over the phone which they have failed to do so. I have also logged into our account online and this portal only had the invoices but no copies of the contract. The Code also indicates the cancellation fee should be reduced over the term of the contract, so since we signed up we have paid for 5 months of service so this cancellation fee should be reduced, am I correct in this assumption?
And again, we were not aware that we would be locked into this 2-year contract and I would really like to switch out of this shady provider and join one of the larger reputable ISP.
I was wondering if I can get any advice on how I can proceed with this situation.
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2020.10.24 23:08 StrawberryH A month ago!!!

So I'm watching 90 day the other way Melyza and Tim. I still need to watch the rest of the episode. And her saying you don't need to know. Okay I can see her point and Tim's.
But you were still dating a month before Tim came to Colombia?? I need to watch the rest and I'm behind. But that is very shady.
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2020.10.24 22:13 virgodreams Why does my ex still talk to me if he's in a relationship?

I (20F) got involved with my ex (23M) about a year ago when we met on a dating app. It started as just mostly as just sleeping with each other, but we had great sexual and conversational chemistry, it was hard to deny I had feelings for him because we were constantly texting and sending each other funny things, not to mention I would spend hours at a time at his place, sometimes the whole day. It started getting more serious when we got more open about our feelings for each other, but quickly started becoming toxic. I made it known I was interested in something more serious and he always put it off saying he needed more time and that he was putting in as much effort as he could etc etc which always lead to fights, it was constantly up and down but we always made up and came back to each other. This went on for a little over 3 months. We ended up having a big blow-up in December of last year and although we made amends, things were never the same after. I only saw him two more times in January after that. We still talked, joked, flirted, but I could tell interest on his end was starting to slowly fade out a bit. In early April, I found out through social media that he started a relationship with a new girlfriend (after months of trying to wanting him to commit to me) so needless to say, it broke my heart. I unfollowed him everywhere and we didn't speak for months, but there was always signs he was checking up on me. He texted me shortly after asking how I was and would sometimes like my social media posts even though I removed him from following me. In June, I thought I was ready to be friends again, or at least catch-up, we got along so well after all, I was tempted to talk to him. He was super friendly and we briefly caught up for a few days before going about another month or so of not speaking. As any obsessive girl would, I would often stalk him on social media and one day noticed all the traces of his girlfriend were gone on his Instagram. Then, I got a message from him. I was SURE they had broken up and he was trying to make his way back to me. That oddly ended up not being true, but from that moment forward, we not only started to speak regularly again, but I started to notice that sometimes he would remove pictures and traces of his girlfriend on social media for days at time and then put the pictures up again. I was sure he was trying to cheat on her with me or perhaps string me along so that I would be available for him after the relationship because he has always been a player, shady, non-committal, wandering eye type of character. Our messages oftentimes crossed a line of being friendly to flirty, certainly messages that I wouldn't want my boyfriend sending to another girl. We discussed sex, he'd send me topless pictures of himself asking for my opinion of them, interrogate me about my love life, make jokes about how my time with him was the best time of my life, plan on going to the gym together sometime, and joke we were soulmates. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't help it because I was enjoying the attention from him given how much I cared about him. One day I was so frustrated and positive there was something more to our banter that I addressed the tension and was met with the "I don't want you to get the wrong idea" message. It was awkward for a few days, but now things are still more or less the same. We still haven't seen each other. IM SO CONFUSED. I don't see this at all as him trying to be my friend, but it's clear he's also not trying to get involved with me. Does he just want my attention? I feel that from being in a relationship he should get enough of it. I really don't understand what's going on, and neither do my friends. I've wanted to let go, but I'm also miserable when I don't talk to him. It hurts because I know I can't be with him, so I'm just settling for this weird limbo of being flirty pen pals basically. I just want to understand what his motives are.
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2020.10.24 21:14 PossibleDifference80 I requested mail-in ballot to be emailed to me in September. Could not find it in my email i did this search.

Although I had searched my inbox many many times with various search terms ("ballot" "Baltimore" "Board" etc.), the email with my mail-in ballot never showed up. The Board of Elections website verified that the status of my mail-in ballot was "sent." This was very concerning, so I figured I'm just going to have to vote at a voting center.
First, let me tell you how I found the email in my spam folder. I did this search: "in:spam ballot"... Maybe this is obvious, but I just never thought the search would have to be specific to the spam folder.
One thing I could not find, to date, from the Board's website was who the the sender is for these emails. It turns out to be [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) ... definitely not expected and kind of shady, right? (But it is real.)
Second, I'll add that if you can't find your mail-in ballot and decide to vote in-person during early voting (starting Monday) or on the Nov 3 election date, you'll be given a provisional ballot. Provisional ballots are not counted until after it is confirmed that you did not submit any other ballot. (Not the end of the world, obviously.)
Edit: if you do encounter something shady with ballots, voting centers, in-person registrations, you can contact ACLU of Maryland’s Election Protection Hotline (443) 399-3229

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2020.10.24 20:30 vicwestla Higher-end cars with expired tags?

I see a lot of higher-end cars with expired tags around LA - sometimes years out of date. The cars are usually in good shape, and don't look like anyone is living in them. They're new enough cars that I would assume the person still has payments.
Why is this so common in LA? Is it just an LA flake thing? Something shady about the driver? What gives?
Help me out here, Reddit.
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