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Is international dating a great way for shy men to meet women? I’m Charlie Morton. I run, the most authoritative source for news and information on international dating. Ask me anything!

2020.01.10 22:28 LoveScoutCEO Is international dating a great way for shy men to meet women? I’m Charlie Morton. I run, the most authoritative source for news and information on international dating. Ask me anything!

International Love Scout tries hard to be the most authoritative site on the Internet focusing on international dating. We have articles about the academic research into what used to be called mail order brides, although that term was never really correct, and reviews of news and trends in the industry.
This AmA is an attempt to specifically reach out to shy guys. Romance is hard today is tough on men. Guys are still expected to make the first move, but they are punished incredibly harshly for moving too fast, not being adept at the first move, or simply not being cool.
International dating addresses those issues by putting Western men with women who actually want to meet them. It is not totally stress free, but there is a lot less stress than in most other dating situations.
That is International Love Scout is launching a romance tour specifically designed for shy guys. Here is the page that explains more about that project: Shy Guy Tours
Also, I am going to be speaking a romance tour seminar in Los Angeles with A Foreign Affair, the industry leader in romance tours, next weekend, January 18. If you live in Southern California you might want to come out and see me there: Romance Tour Seminar.
I am doing this AmA specifically to try to open communication with shy guys, but of course I will answer questions from skeptics of international dating too. However, a couple of years ago I did a long AmA aimed straight at the sceptics. So, you might want to check out my skeptical AmA first if you have a skeptical question about mail order brides and international dating.
I will answer questions here as long as the post remains live, but you can always PM me.
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2015.03.06 11:41 OliveBranchMLP I feel like I'm at that party where everyone knows each other and I have no idea how to integrate myself. Or I just started watching a long-running TV show midway through season 5.

Meanwhile I'm sitting here alone, nursing a drink and staring vexed at that couple making out in the corner. I wanna say it's Bandalo and Gak_Attack, but then again I don't really have any understanding of your interpersonal dynamics to back that up, or to decide if I ship it. It's just some assumption I made because I see those names a lot.
That's a valid platform upon which to ship two people, right? It totally is. Like shipping SpongeBob with Patrick. Yeah. Totally legit.
...Damn it, Prounge! Endear me to you! I want to know you! I want to get invested in your dramatic, tragic, poignant character arcs! I want to understand why it's so funny when you play off each other with your sitcom-style jabs that casually but abusively prey on everyone's overused character archetypes! I want to buy aftermarket dakimakuras of my favorite Ploungers! I WANT TO SHIP YOU ALL WITH EACH OTHER AND WRITE FANFICS ABOUT HOW MANY BEAUTIFUL(?) BABIES YOU WILL HAVE TOGETHER.
...I mean, if that's okay with you, I guess.
tl;dr: AMA Request: Goddamn Fuckin' Everyone
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2013.04.03 03:28 ThatOneRedditorBrony Hi there, Plounge!

Since I am such a popular and beloved brony, I have decided to be gracious and allow the PLounge the rare chance at an AMA with me! You should all feel very privileged to be honored with such an opportunity! But first I have some questions for you.
How does that make you feel? How was your day and how are you? Doing/done anything interesting? Are you honored to be asking me questions? What's your favorite video game?
EDIT: I'm more interested in your answers than questions.
EDIT 2: I'm not even interested in your questions. I was being facetious.
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